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Rear Wheel

Hello all,

Looking for a cheap rear wheel for my turbo, anyone know any cheap shops or have one? wiggles best price is £130 for a set.


  • Sfuller,

    I am in the same position and just a want a cheap wheel for the turbo. Also, just purchased an orange turbo tyre and this, after maybe five or six uses, has already worn down and now has a black line running through it. Does anyone else have this problem? An obvious solution would be to have less pressure on the tyre from the flywheel, but then there's almost no point in being on the thing, as it would then just spin without much resistance. Any suggestions about what I may be doing wrong?
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    Get yourself on ebay and buy a cheap wheel? Doesn't matter how ugly or heavy it is, after all. If you're really going to churn though, you probably want to treat yourself to a new chain when you get back on the bike outdoors in the spring as it will stretch and with a different block on the two back wheels, that's not a recipe for long chain life.
  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    Found these

    cheap wheel
  • Found this. Shimano WH-R500 rear 8/9/10-speed for £45 delivered. It's on my Xmas list, along with a Conti turbo tyre and a sweat cover.

    Don't actually have a turbo trainer yet – that's a New Year purchase. But at least I'll be prepared!!! [:)]

    Would help if I included the URL!!!

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