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General Training Program

What is your weekly training plan?

Mine is;

Monday - rest

Tuesday - Swim (AM) Row and Weights (PM)

Wednesday - 10k Run

Thursday - 1hr Bike

Friday - Swim (AM) Row and Weights (PM)

Saturday - Long Run

Sunday - Long Bike

Also, at this time of year what intensitys do you train at? I keep most of mine below 155 BPM but wonder if i need to inject some harder stuff now and again, any ideas?


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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hey sfuller, do you always do your same routine, every week??

    And do you always do your long bike the day after your long run?

    How long do you do this routine already?



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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    I generally alternate the long run/long bike days every week, I dont have time during week to do a decent run or bike. Apart form that, this is my weekly workout. Obviously within these workouts the sessions will be different.... intervals, hills, etc etc

    I dont really know how to build a program and dont have time to do all the stuff in Training Bible Book....
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    At the moment I'm doing:

    Monday : Running 10kM recovery pace

    Tuesday : Sculling 2 x 3kM intervals at race pace + warm up & warm down

    Wednesday : 90 minutes steady state sculling (75 - 80% race pace)

    Thursday : 60kM turbo session (aiming to beat PB!)

    Friday : 10kM running fast

    Saturday : recovery - generally light run or light scull

    Sunday : Club cycle - generally 100kM + quite fast

    No swimming because I hate it, sculling because I love it.

    This will change after February because the local sculling league will end then - and I'll have to start swimming again

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    Mt training week usually follows this plan;-

    Monday - 5-10kRun then 20-25km spin session

    Tuesday: AM Swim 100m 150m 175m 200m 175m 150m etc etc PM Weights

    Wednesday: 10km Run + Core workout

    Thursday: AM Continuous Swim - PM Brick session in Gym

    Friday: Day off

    Saturday:- Long steady run with hill runs

    Sunday:- Long mountain bike rides

    All in all it seems to be working, helping to build my base - just need to sort the diet and hopefully I will be on the right track!


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