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Planet X Stealth TT Bike

Just wondered what people thought of this. I saw it came 3rd in the 'Bike of the Year' in the 220 awards.

Looks good anyway, but the price makes me wonder how they do it for so cheap....Planet X Stealth TT


  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    Drooooooool.... [:-]
  • bobraynerbobrayner Posts: 27
    sfuller wrote:

    Looks good anyway, but the price makes me wonder how they do it for so cheap....Planet X Stealth TT

    Looks like a lot of bike for the money. I was drooling over them recently... had to settle for something cheaper though.

    One gripe though - are those brakes really aero? Very square, big flat surfaces facing fore & aft...

  • I might never win a race Benny, but I'd deifinitely be centre of attention on that bike!!
  • i know a couple of guys, one with the road bike equivilant and one getting this one (and in pink, wants to be able to find it easily in t1 he said)), they're being built this weekend, so i'll keep you posted as to how there getting on with them, cos i'd love one myself.

    I think i've said it before, i've got my eye on one cos i wont get my arse on one...[:)]
  • MGMG Posts: 470

    The TT frames are very good, I believe that they were used in "le tour" by Cadel Evans a couple of years ago so they arnt gonna be crap. They have won plenty of races, and I think even Double Ironman UK was won on one (thats 224 miles) so set up correctly theyre very comfy and capable.

    If I was gonna splash out on a TT bike I definately concider a PX stealth, for the money IMO they are the best TT bike. I've used Planet X in the past (I have their carbon wheels) and they are very knowledgable and helpful.
  • reporting back on the tread, 1 said theres to much flex when in the turbo trainer and not stiff enough on the road, and the other broke it (first ride out) after hitting a small pot hole, (split at the forks) and has had difficulty with planet x over it, all in all not good as it goes , put me right off.

    dam shame as they look stunning, just goes to show looks aren't everything

    im looking into merida's range, turns out they make most of the frames you buy anyway, specailized ect.. and dead cheap to buy

    sorry about the news, like i said i'm a bit gutted meself
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