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Advice - Wetsuit

New to triathlon and planning to do a couple of Saturday morning swims down at Heron Lake, the London Triathlon and one other open water race. From what I can read from the magazines/forums and I have 3 choices if I don't want to spend £200+

1 - Buy an ex-hire/demo suit from Triuk for @£100 Blue Seventy/Foor

2 - Hire one for £50 for the season but not sure of what model.

3 - Buy a suit for a novice - have seen the new Orca s2 on wiggle at a reasonable £90 with my discount and was thinking of selling it on ebay later to keep the cost down and use the money to upgrade next season. Anybody seen any review on this suit.

Wouldn't mind some honest advice.


  • eamonneamonn Posts: 30
    Ihired a Foor wetsuit from tri uk last year and was so pleased with it that I ended up keeping it. The service was very good (it arrived the day after I ordered it) and I got a £25 gift voucher for keeping it.
  • rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    I hired an inexpensive Orca swimsuit for the London Triathlon back in 2004, liked it and bought it from them afterwards (they deducted the hire fee from the cost of buying it, so it was not an expensive transaction altogether), and I have been using it pretty regularly ever since then, about 3 or 4 races a year and 10-30 open water training sessions each season.

    I found that hiring one was a good way to see if it was comfortable and get used to the idea of swimming in a wet suit, without a huge cash outlay (or having to go through the rigamarole of researching and deciding which one to get, I just got the one model they offered).
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