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Work Bike Scheme With Halfords

Hi all,

My work have just started to offer a discounted bike scheme with halfords. I need a bike for the London Tri and training and wondered if the following was any good?


With the scheme I can get a saving of around £450 so will effectively only have to pay £550 over 9 months. They are also throwing in £75 worth of accessories of my choice.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.




  • BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    I once read that you can get planet x bikes via halfords.. for the same money you coudl get their road bike,, or the stealth pro.

    Look at the planet x website I think they tell you this somewhere on there also
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    This has been discussed a number of times hereabouts. Here's one thread http://forum.220magazine.com/tm.asp?m=9930&mpage=1&key=&#9944

    You could try searching for cycle2work and see what gives.

    Basically, if it is in a catalogue then Halfords Cycle2Work can source it, apparently. Halfords administer one of the many cycle to work schemes, and you are not tied to their shops.

    One of the guys on the Halfords helpline said that most roadies (and tri-geeks) end up going for either the Focus Cayo (available from www.wiggle.co.uk) or one of the Planet-X (www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk) bikes at £1000 - that would be the Pro Carbon (road), or the Stealth (TT).

    Things may have changed since I last looked into it. Give them a call. They were surprisingly helpful.
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    I believe this is also known as the cycle to work scheme and there are at least ten people at my works who have taken advantage of the scheme and now have nice shiny new bikes. If it is the same scheme our local bike shop Certini in Saltash have an excelent web site with details on it.

    Hope this helps, all I know is none of my mates has had a problem using the scheme and it does seem a great way of getting a decent bike cheaper.

    All the best.

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