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Any ideas?


I am new to all of this and am looking for a race to make my first! Does anyone have any suggestions of races they have really enjoyed or good courses for beginners?

Ideally it needs to be in Beds, Bucks, Herts or Northants, sprint distance and I think for my first one I would prefer a pool swim.

Be great to hear anyones ideas........


  • Hi there,

    I used to live in Northampton and there is the Duston Triathlon - which I did as my first one - it's really friendly, great mix of abilities and pool based swim - hope this helps

  • Bedford sprints are good races.Galeforce events.A top sprint open water event is Big Cow sprint tri at Milton Keynes.Big-cow.com
  • Provided you are a reasonably confident swimmer, I would encourage you to take the plunge and start at an event with a still, open water swim. You'll find the build up and swim more relaxed and much cooler!

    I agree with Dave Boy, the Big Cow sprint would be an excellent event to start with. Big Cow events are really well organised, friendly and there's loads of support, and the lake is like a big cool open air swimming pool! Plus if you do the first sprint event in May you've got time to train for the standard distance MK event in July! I made the latter my first triathlon a couple of years ago and - despite getting to the start line only 15 seconds before the start - had loads of fun.
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