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ironman lanzarote

i'm considering doing my first ironman next year and want to do the lanzarote one. Mainly because it will be challenging to say the least. Have completed several 1/2 ironman events and have competed in 10 hour mountain bike events in similar heat so not too worried about that but would appreciate thoughts from others on how mad i am being!! also is it a good place for families to watch?[:D]


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    Taking my family this year, so will let you know.

    I chose Puerto Del carmen rather than Club La Santa as I thought that wife and kids could watch the swim then do there own thing for 6-7 hrs then come back for the run.

    Incidently there is a Lanza forum on the 'events' discussion forum
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    thanks for that. i look forward to your account of the race and any info about family friendliness will be much appreciated.

    Good luck.

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