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Compression Socks

We are off on a long haul flight in a weeks time and the use of compression socks has been well aired to help with DVT. But i was wondering if the socks used for in flight perform the same task as the compression wear sold by Canterbury Linebreak etc, if so can these socks be uesd as recovery wear after a long run or cycle. If anyone knows someone or has used these as a training aid it would be interesting as flight socks are a lot cheaper the the socks sold specificly for this purpose.[8|][8|]


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    chischis Posts: 94
    Hi Prospero

    I have a pair of Linebreak tights and find them sound for recovery wear after hard sessions (must say though that they do tend to ride down a bit due to the lack of a draw cord at the waist band). I have also tried ordinary flight socks and have trained in them also - for me they seem just as good for my calf muscles but it may be down to individual preference in the end.

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I have a pair of canterbury compression socks which I wore to fly to the US in dec, must have worked..still alive! however, I have never worn specific flight socks so have no idea if they are the same/better/worse/interchangeable

    The guy who I got them off did them as a deal, tights & T shirt, throw in the socks, & he said they were as good as flight socks, but then again he would wouldn't he?
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