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Bike sizes

I appreciate this question has probably come up time and time again....Beening about 5 foot six, what size of frame should I be looking at? I've seen a 50cm giant OCR bike on ebay recently and was wondering if it was roughly my size.


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    jayjayjayjay Posts: 10
    im around 170 cm (5'6"-7") and last week i was sizing giant bikes. I found i was right between small and medium frame. i got sized at a shop and found my legs were 52 and torso was 54- hence for me a medium 50 frame in giant sizes was best for me.

    there are sizing charts on the net for giant, which proved relatively accurate for me. but i guess using those charts would depend on symetry, and how balanced legs:torso are. the giant site should also have the bike your looking at and the geometry of the frame. i matched up the top tube and my torso length, as seat post and the actual frame measurement can be adjusted according to leg length.

    hope this helps.
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