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Bala Olympic

I know it's a little way off but is anyone else doing Bala in September (check out Wrecsam Tri website for details).

Just thought it might be a good chance to say hello!


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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    I'm thinking about it, however I'm gonna wait and see how London goes first as that's my first Olympic...
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I'm really tempted by bala, as its quite close to where I used to live near Wrexham.

    Does anyone know what the bike/run course is like?
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    legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    The bike course is really nice - a bit "undulating" but generaly good. The run is a bit hilly but nothing too bad. Best way to find out..... get that entry form in! It's OK - you can wear red!
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    well, it isn't far away now - roll up roll up ... who's going?
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    i'm in...well and truly PAPPIN me pants now... [:(]
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    Best of luck lets hope we can enjoy it - I see they are trying to re-route the run and that Transition is currently under water - should be fun!

    I'm really nervous now - please please please don't let it be too windy!
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    well, i'm gutted.... been the docs, as i have a pain that won't go away, and it was way over and above more painful than the other pains...i have SCIATICA and he's ruled me out of BALA!! I have a sponsored bike ride the follwing weekend, form London to Pars and he said that if i want a chance of doing that, rest up...and no BALA!! I'm really gutted, that doesn't put into words how gutted.... my home event as well.... [:@] [:(] [:(]

    Good luck to you all, i will be thinking about you....

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    i have SCIATICA and he's ruled me out of BALA!!

    Oh no! I'm really sorry to hear that matey - rest up and get better for the next event! You must be really fed up, I know what it's like, I missed Ellesmere earlier this year with a knee injury and had to watch all my club mates take part - it is soooo frustrating. BUT .... there's always next year, other races etc etc - getting your body fixed is more important.

    Keep your fingers crossed for those of us braving the elements.
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    thanks... i'm just SO gutted! I was gonna leave Olympic till nest year, but then i had such a good year, thought i was ready...and failed at the last hurdle!!

    Yeah, i do rememeber you saying about Ellesmere,and i will be thinking of you one and all... make sure you have your long johns on... BALA's FRESH to say the least... [:D]
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    I FINISHED!!!! AND... I was still smiling!!!!

    Well, can't tell you how excited I am - I managed to finish and did it in 3:06:07 now I know many of you would have nearly done it twice in that time - but for me it was OK. I had set a goal of under 3:15:00 so that was fine for me.

    What a great race - brilliant organisiation and fab route.

    I had real trouble on the bike as my feet went numb - see "numb feet" thread but other than that - what a GREAT DAY!!! Bring on the next one.
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    [:)] WELL DONE!! REALLY made up for you, and a GREAT time! [:)]

    I'll try make the next one.... [:(]

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    hey thanks - I really hope you can - it's such a fantastic course and the atmosphere was amazing - Wrecsan Tri do a great job organising the event and really make it a great day. I'm busy planning next years races now - just need to get quicker - I think nearly everyone passed me on the bike! I couldn't believe how fast they were!!

    Hope the sciatica is on the mend....
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    The thing is, you did it, forget everything else, YOU did it, and you should be made up!

    I am, and technically, i don't even know you! [:)]

    They are a nice bunch, and i had heard that the events were good, and will be aiming for Chirk in 09!

    Take Care.... [:)]

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