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Numb Feet

Well, I did my first Olympic at the weekend and it was GREAT!! I'm still on a real high and everyone at work (none of whom keep at all fit) is getting fed up hearing about it.

I had a really good day apart from a real issue with numb feet - anyone had similar experience?

It started about 20 mins into the bike - both feet went totally numb - tried standing, wiggling about etc etc but nothing worked. Then, off the bike and into T2 it was a nightmare, couldn't get my shoes off/on as I couldn't feel a thing and it carried on for the whole of the run! Running with numb feet is so odd! I kept looking at the floor to see what I was doing and it made the run really awkward.

Can anyone offer any clues - I'd really like to avoid a repetition of it

Thanks in advance ... just off to annoy everyone with some photo's that are now up....he he he


  • Does this feel like cold numb or pressure/trapped nerve numb? Have you had this in training before?

    I solved the cold feet problem with some liner socks although I've added a pair of Seal Skins to my Chrismas list. It may add a few seconds to your T1 time but you'll probably save that on the cycle and run by being more comfortable.

    For me, the pressure numb problem was quite unexpected. I've never really done any running before stating tri but did lots of cycling, mostly off road. I'd had the same pair of mtb cycle shoes for years and they were as comfy as slippers but since I've started running, my feet have changed shape and I can't wear them for more than a hour without my feet going numb. I've found that with my tri cycle shoes, if I get a bit rushed in T1 and do them up too tight I get the same problem so have to undo them a bit.

    Where are these pictures of your tri. I'll see if I can bore some of my overweight electronics team here.[;)]
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I get the same from time to time. Try wearing good quality socks (Hilly monoskins), also possibly change your shoes. I think its caused by the constant repitions of the cycling movement trapping or irritating a nerve. Remember that your feet swell throughout the duration of a race, so footwear choice, and bike geometry & set up are crucial to maintaining good "leg/foot health.
  • Great advice treefrog - bike shoes that are too tight can cause problems like that being described.

    I also agree with the sock choice - Hilly monoskins are great, I never use anything else now. I've done Ironman distance with them and they hold up really well in the hard wearing department too, both training and racing.
  • JBJB Posts: 1
    I don't wear bike shoes, but have the same issue. I've practiced the bike and running routes plenty of times with the same shoes and same tightness without this issue, however when I added the swim, that's when i had the issue. Feet started to go numb during the cycle, but not totally noticeable until I started running on them. After running about a mile and a half, the numbness dissipated. Many others told me after the tri that they experience the same thing. I am wondering if cold water temperature plays the initial role. Any way to keep the feet warm during the swim?
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