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8 Weeks to train for UK Ironman 70.3 - help needed!

Hi all, i'm a big fan of the 220 Magazine and message board but this is my first post here. I am relatively new to Triathlons (did a few sprints last year) but have entered the UK Ironman 70.3 in June this year.

My background is in rowing which I have done to quite a high level, however a knee injury in the lead up the Henley last year put me out and so I learned to swim. I then missed most of the rowing season so decided to try Triathlons and loved them!

I am currently training for the Rowing Indoor Marathon on the 13th of April - yes, that is 26.2 miles on a Rowing Machine! After that I have just 8 weeks to change my training and re-peak for the Ironman.

I have been reading lots of literature on the subject but am not sure whether to start a micro base, build, peak, taper in the 8 weeks - or to do something else?

I am currently doing 5 x Ergos a week (2 x VO2 Max, 2 x Lactate, 1 x Long - racking up approx 70k a week), in addition I am doing 1 x swim, run and cycle - either a interval or long piece depending on time constraints and 1 weights circuit session. So my base fitness level is, I would like to think, pretty high - although my weight is also pretty high at about 92kg (only around 12% fat though).

What I need to know is how do I change my training from the day after my rowing Marathon for the Ironman. I was thinking along the lines of 9 sessions per week, with 3 per discipline and cutting out the weights to try and lose some muscle mass (i'm kinda worried about those hills!). I could naturally split that into 1 x vo2, 1 x lactate and 1 x long - with one of those as brick cycle/run. But what should I be doing with the different cycles?

My problem is compounded by the fact that i'm currently working in Rotterdam with work so a) I don't know any coaches/clubs out here and b) its completely flat!!!

Any help appreciated,



  • rob4rob4 Posts: 13
    Mate, my guess is you'll walk a half ironman on that kind of fitness. Daily ergos isn't specific training obviously, but I know they feckin hurt, and if you're mixing it with bike run & swim you can't go wrong. Why don't you do no specific training at all, breeze it though half iron then tell us all what pus*** we are!

    If I had any more constructive advice I'd say get the long bike rides in. Good luck!
  • i agree , your fitness will be ok for a half . if i had only 8 weeks i'd concentrate on long rides , runs and long bricks with a bit of swimming as most time can be made up on the ride and run . good luck for your row and maybe see you at wimbleball ( i'm easy to spot as i'm covered in tattoos )
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Are you comfortable with the swim distance? You're clearly scoring A+ for overall fitness and endurance... be a shame to see you spoil your event by burning it all up on poor swim technique.

    Not wishing to put a downer on things, but even the fittest people can really tire themselves in the water. You say you're doing 1 swim per week: is it drills, sets etc, or do you just get in and do a couple of miles? Given your obvious fitness levels, I'd actually be relieved to hear it was the latter.

    Not that I'm a pro or anything.... I'm thinking of aiming at 70.3 next year.
  • Good morning,

    Thanks for the advice and confidence boosts so far!

    I'm currently usually doing 1 long swim a week, so I do between 100-120 lengths which takes me about 28 seconds per length and I do without breaking so I think that should stand me in reasonable stead. I have also taught myself tumble turns (quite amusing to see at the beginning i'm sure!) as I intend to do a few sprint Tri's this year as well over the summer. So some weeks if I want something different or am doing a second swim for some reason or another i'll do some technical drills and then some intervals (usually 6 x 100m which I do in about 1"30 per set). I swim by myself though in a pool where no one else can even really manage a length so have no idea how any of this compares!

    Look forward to seeing some of you at Wimball,

  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Sounds like you've got the swimming covered. I'd agree with rob4 and Bodhisattva, long runs, long rides and those lovely bricks.
  • yep we all love those lovely bricks .good to hear that you're planning 70.3 bopomofo you'll never turn back once you've done it and ironman is the next step
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