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London - Paris with Family!

Good afternoon all,

I have a question I was wondering if you could advise me on. My sister and her boyfriend have suggested a nice challenge for the 3 of us would be to cycle from London to Paris (via Diepe) in May this year.

This sounds great to me as I have a Ironman 70.3 coming up in June and could do with the cycling practice and its always nice to combine exercise with friends/family.

Now the problem is i'm not sure they will be able to manage it. The two legs are both approximately 110km and we would need to be able to do it in a weekend - so that is 110km a day.

They are both reasonably fit (both ran a couple of marathons in the last 4 years) and both cycle to work now (2 miles and 13 miles). However both don't really do much exercise apart from that and don't have that good bikes.

I don't mind them being slow as I could always speed off ahead and either return to increase my personal distance or just sit in a nice cafe and read the paper with a coffee waiting for them (by god they would love me!). I am also thinking of inviting along another Triathlete friend to do my cycling with as she would be more competitive and fast.

The question is how much should I get them to be able to do before I undertake it with them, as I am the kind of person who refuses to give up and so I don't know what would happen if they wanted to stop half way!

My general rule of thumb is that if you can do 50% of it in a normal training session you can double it when it counts. So should I say as long as they can do a 55km training ride in 4 hours then we are good?

Any suggestions appreciated!

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