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Just wondered what people here think about protein supplements. I have always been a relatively big believer and normally have a couple of shakes a day (only about 30g protein in each).

I work on the theory of about 1.4 x body weight, so weighing at about 90kg I work that out as approx 120g of protein a day. So getting half of it guaranteed is always nice, specially since I don't think I get huge amounts naturally (yes I need to eat more vegtables!). Just incase you're wondering - I normally live off porridge w/milk for breakfast, soup & bread for lunch, fruit throughout the day, then pasta/rice with chicken/fish for dinner. So I figure that can't really be more than about 60g of protein.

Now however i'm solely training for Tri where as before it was rowing (which was a lot more power/endurance, as opposed to more endurance emphasis for Tri). I do about 10 sessions a week, with about 2 swims, 3 cycles, 3 runs and a couple of core/weight sessions. For some reason I am just not sure if I should still be having the extra protein, or maybe even more!

Added to which my stepdad has recommended that before my Running Marathon this Sunday (Rotterdam if anyone else is doing it!?!) I should completely cut protein for about the 3 days before...

Just left me a bit confused as to what I should be doing generally...

Any thoughts appreciated,



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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    You can drink those things?? Which just about tells where I am coming from...I would personally add in a protein source at lunch..chicken breast etc & possibly at breakfast too..my favourite being peanut butter on hot tosat with honey...& raisins...& a banana...anyhoo..shakes are a convenient but very expensive way to get protein in & are extremely highly processed foodstuff, & since protein absorbtion seems to ahve a cap at any one serving (40g..or am I making that up?) then a little & often from as natural a supply as poss is the way to go.
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    toadtoad Posts: 104
    looking at your diet in combination with your protein supplements , I would say you are certainly meeting what you need. The calculation you make for protein intake is pretty close to what is recommended for elite endurance athletes 1.2-1.6g per kgBM . Incidently the Porridge and milk that you have would be providing you with a fair amount of protein as well. Carbohydrates need to be high for endurance sport , a low intake is probably one of the biggest factors that will effect protein balance as the body uses protein as a back up fuel for metabolism if carbohydrate isnt available during exercise and to a lesser extent at rest.

    Your body will soon tell you if your not getting enough carbs as you will struggle to maintain weight and performance will decrease. Carbohydrate intake for elite triathletes training twice a day 6 days a week is usually around 8-12g per kgBM

    Taking on carbohydrate and protein straight after 90 minutes of exercise is a good way of topping up muscle glycogen stores and stimulate protein synthesis particularly if your training twice a day. Try tucking into a banana and fruit smoothie after training sessions if you are feeling your not eating your 5 portions of fruit a day, its a great way to get it all over and done with in one hit.

    hope this helpful, there has been quite alot of interesting stuff on this forum on diet lately.

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    Thanks for the responses.

    The posts on diet are what got me thinking about it.

    Losing weight has never been an issue I have had to deal with. Started off about 18st about 5 years ago and finally down to about 14 now, on about 8% bodyfat finally as well so think I have found quite a happy competitive weight - although never going to be a world beater as i'm just built quite big!

    Peanut butter is a good idea, as easy to take into work with me (the Dutch don't seem to have any ready sources of protein available in my office - unless its cheese which is even higher in fat than Peanut Butter!).

    Carb levels normally aren't a problem either, as I love pasta/rice/bread and try and ensure a snack 20 mins after training and then a meal within an hour.

    I read another post further down which talks about protein shakes before workouts as well! That does seem to be getting a bit OTT.

    Also some protein shakes that you can buy have 60g of Protein so not sure about the 40g rule - unless they are just a complete rip off.

    Also I find the cost of protein shakes actually cheaper than alternative food stuffs. For instance if you go online (I use Monstersupplements when in the UK) you can get a 5kg tub for about 30 quid which lasts you an age. Far cheaper than buying chicken!

    What about pre-marathon/ironman though. Would you cut protein pretty much out the days preceding? I have a memory of 90/8/2 (carb/protein/fat) in the 48 hours leading up to a race but not sure if i'm making that up...
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    toadtoad Posts: 104
    I havent read anything that would suggest protein intake before iron man would be detrimental, from my sports medicine back ground I would suspect that in an event like an ironman there is definitely going to be loss of protein and lean body mass because i wouldnt think even with regular feeding during the event there would be anyway you could maintain a carbohydrate store for that long so towards the end the body really has only fat and protein to work with. Although iron man is not my area of expertise, my guess would be the reason for lowering protein before a marathon or ironman would be to physically allow an increase in the amount of carbohydrate you are taking to ensure good muscle gycogen stores. Carbohydrates often are quite bulky foods so if you are trying to fit alot of it in on the days leading up to the event it maybe difficult to take on protein as well. I would be interested if there are more expert opinions out there or what the iron man participants think ?

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