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Injured - Event Advice Needed

Good morning all, i'm in a bit of a quandary and wanted some advice of like minded people (no one else I know really understands training properly!).

So far this year I am entered into the UK Ironman 70.3, London Olympic and Blenheim Sprint Triathlons. I have only done sprints last year and am really looking forward to all of thse.

My training has been going brilliantly and I did a sub 4 hr marathon as a training run about 3 weeks ago. In doing this however I had done in one of my knees.

I haven't managed to see a doctor to confirm yet, as i'm still living abroad but i'm pretty sure I have torn my medial meniscus, as I did the same thing a couple of years ago (after the London Marathon actually - maybe i'm not cut out for marathons!!!).

I can still swim/cycle pretty much pain free and don't get any side affects from it. I have rested my knee apart from that for 3 weeks and tried a 20 min run yesterday morning. Both my knees were in a lot of pain during the run, but afterwards I only felt bad affects on the right one, although that is diminishing now.

My question is should I still compete. I have paid about £400 in entry fees and travel fees and sorted out friends/family to stay with for hte Ironman. I figure I can swim/cycle okay and then theoretically just limp/run/walk the run section. Then hopefully get surgery in the off season. The shorter events i'm not so sure about, as these are more about the time (which wont be good) as opposed to just completing - which I think I can still do. Does anyone know what the cut off time for the Run section is for the UK Ironman 70.3?

Also none of the events do refunds, but is there anyway to sell/pass/transfer tickets if I can't make it? I have travel insurance you think that might cover it?

Am I just being stupid and should I just accept defeat for this year and pull out of all events entirely? I know theoretically thats the sensible thing, but I would hate to waste the money and training and year....



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    pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hey Jack,

    I don't have any real advice but commiserate with you. it's always one of my fears when I'm booked in advance into a cou[le of expensive races - particularly when travelling abroad. I'd say get it checked out by a doc and a physio and then make a decision.

    All the best hope it gots well for you.

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    KiwiPaulKiwiPaul Posts: 46
    Jack - I'm in a similar situation and will see you at the 70.3 also with dodgy knees. I have a confirmed tear in my right m.meniscus (2 yrs old) but that has settled down to a dull ache after workout but bigger problem is recent mensicus "feathering" (not a tear....yet) in left knee about 8 weeks ago - all confirmed by MRI. My consultant is a firm believer in leaving the cartilidge in there to do it's job and is concious of leaving more scar tissue after the op than existed pre-op (unless it''s really bad of course) so he has me on really strong anti-inflamatories which luckily work really well. His next step would be to give me a cortizone jab to "settle it down" ahead of the event if needed. I would suggest you get a scan so you know the worst then choose which event is the one that means most to you if you aren't going to do them all. I didn't run for 6 weeks (but kept riding) and the longest I've run since is 1 hour followed by two days on anti-imflams - tend to then do a long ride the next weekend which is OK on the knee. My thinking is overtrain the bike and gain as much endurance that way, run as much as I can (prob 90mins max) without impacting ability to bike and get through the run on the day. I think the 70.3 run cut off is 4 hours.

    Good luck - hopefully see you on the course - I'll walk with you !! [&:]
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    pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hey guys,

    I don't mean to sound like a tool but the obstacles ye are facing and that ye are finding ways to get through is probably the most inspiring thing i've ever read on this forum. Fair play !
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