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Desgin my Sunglasses

I am thinking of getting my self a new pair of oakley radar but cant decide the colour, so can

you help me choose the colours etc.




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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    reds always a good bet! But seriously if you want some glasses I personally wouldn't go for the oakleys, they look great, I have a pair of wires, but for sport I don't rate them.

    If you have the money to spend go for the rudy projects as they are absolutely superb, I have a pair of rydons in carbon racing red of course!
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    I've got Radars and think they're grrrrrreat - v lightweight and secure, well designed bit of gear. Interchangeable lenses too. V popular with a lot of the olympic athletes too!
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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I wear a pair of Army issue ballistic glasses as 1. they were free, 2 they have 3 interchamgeable lenses (smoke clear and yellow) 3 I have 2 pairs so have one in smoke and the other clear so that I can choose at the last second for the weather conditions and 4 they have an elastic headband to keep them secure in my coconut. Whilst they are not red or funky they do the job. If I was of a mind I suppose I could pain the frame with some wild colour or design and have other triathletes jealous of my 'limited edition designer' shades but probably won't.

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