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Does Working HR = %Max HR or %(Max HR-Min HR) + Min HR

I have just always wondered. I know originally I thought it was just a % of your Max HR. Then through rowing I learned it the other way, which kind of makes more sense. Then I read some books on Ironman like the Don Fink one and he seems to go by the pure % of Max HR.

Anyone got a sure answer? I have run the numbers for myself and its not huge variations, but about to start a training programme and wanted to make sure.




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    Chris JChris J Posts: 71
    I'm no expert but I use the second of your options. I followed www.brianmac.co.uk for the instructions. It certainly seems to correlate with Rate of Perceived Effort. After 2 1/2 months of focussed training I find the numbers work well but am putting off another Max HR test (too painful). I am now at the stage where I feel I have to work that bit harder to achieve any gains. [:o]
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