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OT - Indoor Rowing 2k Weights Training

Morning all,

I was just after some advice on rowing training and although this is a Triathlon forum I have noticed quite a few ex-rowers on here, some of whom appear to be quite experienced.

I'm having a break from Triathlon before starting IM training in Jan so wanted a challenge to keep me ticking over so am going to do the British National Indoor Rowing 2k Championships in October. I figure whilst i'm still in transition from being a Rower to a Triathlete I want to see what the best 2k I can get is whilst I still have muscle bulk!

I have a 16 week ergo training programme from the concept 2 website which is great, albiet hard work - 5 ergos a week! In addition i've been doing a 8 week strength and power weights session which includes 2 sessions a week, first session is 90% of 1repmax and has been building up from 3 x 4 to 5 x 6 over 8 weeks, with the light week in week 4 and 8. The second session is for power and is 80% of 1repmax and has been building from 3 x 8 to 5 x 12, again over 8 weeks with a light week 4 and 8.

I've been doing same machines for each (yes I know free are better but no one to spot me!) which are, Leg Press, Hamstring Curl, Calf Raise, Leg Extension, Bench Press, Lat Pull Down, Pec Deck, Row Pull, Shoulder Press, Bicep Curl and Tricep Push.

Now I am then going to have 7 weeks until the event, which I want to do a 6 week weights routine, split into 2 x 3 so i'm winding down on the last week and then have 1 week completely off weights before the competition.

As its 2k this needs to emphasise power/endurance mainly - but i'm wondering what people think it should entail. One idea I had is

4 x 40 Cleans

4 x 40 Bench Press

4 x 40 Squats

210 Row Pulls

Then increase it up to 4 x 60 over the weeks and try and increase the weight on the row pulls. Not sure whether to just do that, or to interspere it with core/bodyweight exercises to keep the heart rate hammering. Also whether to do it as a circuit, ie clean, press, squat, clean, press, squat, etc - or do all the cleans with something inbetween and then move onto the next one. Any other exercises I should be doing as well?

Sorry for the long post - any input appreciated!



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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I would say if you as a non-rower want to get a good 2km ergo time, and you have no wish to get into rowing then concentrate on the machine. get used to 5km at max (18.00 - 17.00 min for lwts, sub 17.00 is good) and mix this with plenty of 500M on/ 500M off x 10 (x2 ..if you dare) and then once a week do a 2kmust to feel the distance.

    Weights will help but if rowing is not your sport then do triathlon specific weights and use the ergo as a workout.

    Good luck with it (my PB 2k was 6.28 once)

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    Treefrog, thanks for the input - i'm actually a rower moving into Triathlon though!

    My current pb is 6:16 and hoping for a 6:10-6:15 at the indoors, although i'm about a stone lighter, albiet fitter, than when I did my pb so that is not going to help.

    You mentioned in another post that you did serious lightweight rowing with international ambitions, you do any 2k specific weights for that? I am doing 5 ergos a week so certainly getting well aquainted with that lovely machine again. Still, I did the indoor rowing Marathon in March which involved training rows of up to 35k so think I have an ergo seat imprinted on my ass!
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    jimjim Posts: 12
    hi jack

    how did your row marathon go? I too love the rower but am no where near your times. have you ever heard of rowathlons these are great events in which the swim leg is replaced by a concept2 row sounds right up your street, a rower moving to triathlon[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m6.gif[/image] only problem is its the last one in the series at reading tomorrow may be give it a go next year hey, they are run by www.dbmax.co.uk
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