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UK Ironman Entry

Afternoon all, i'm very keen to get into the UK Ironman 2009, as I haven't done one yet and want to support the local one (also for supporters). I have my training programme all ready and am set to start it on Feburary the 6th.

All I need now is a place.

Anyone know what time on Monday morning you can start applying? I want to make sure I get the best chance of a place.




  • http://admin.eventdirector.net/resources/IMUK/SITES/60/default.asp?PageID=15376

    pre register on the above link

    Dont wait till next year to start training, start today.
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Jelly, is that not just registration for UK 70.3?

    Does anyone know how quickly the IMUK filled up last year cos I'm also keen to enter and have seen how quickly the others fill up,however, am I right in thinking the UK one is not quite so quick?


  • Thanks for the link - that is for the 70.3 though, although I may be doing that again for a practice race.

    Also I shouldn't really start training now, according to all the training stuff I have read you should keep yourself ticking over but not do any serious training until about 7 months before - as its impossible to build continuously for 12 months so I would just end up peaking too early.

    I am training like mad for the Rowing Indoor Championships though so fitness is definitely still up there, albiet for a 6 minute burst (ish) and for rowing!
  • Hi Jack

    I enquired about IMUK registration some time ago and rang the race directors team up. They said that they would aim to open registration up as soon as possible during the week after this year's race but that they had not yet finalised the 2009 race date.

    From what I understand, this race does not fill up as quickly as many of the European ones (I would have liked to do Germany but so does everyone it seems) so I don't think you will have too much difficulty getting a place at IMUK

    See you there maybe

  • Please keep this link going for when entries open as I dont want to miss this.

    Im new here and new to triathlon too. So far no events done, but am doing my first in Oct. I am new to swimming (prev very poor swimmer) and have come on a lot in last 4 weeks. Done my first open water swim today in my new Orca Sonar wetsuit (highly recommend).

    Have completed many 100 mile + cycles and I run my first marathon in 2 weeks (aiming for sub 3.15) so its just the swimming I have to master!!! Have come from a semi pro rugby background and know that Ironman is what I want to achieve.

    Think that I am going to enter Ironman UK as its the biggest challenge out there!!!

    Be great to keep this link up and running to use for tips, training etc.
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