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Hi, I am quite nervous as have not done this chat forum business before.

I have done a couple of Triathlons in the past few years and want to get into it again this year. I have already started training and currently go to the gym twice a week and do 20 mins on the cycle machine, 20 mins on the cross trainer and walk 20 mins on the treadmill. Plus warm up, cooldown and stretches. Plus I walk for 6 miles on a saturday and 4 miles on a Sunday. I have noticed that my knees are giving me a bit of grief. Not all the time but just sometimes if I move the wrong way and have never had this happen before. Just wondered if anyone might know what this is. I have built up the gym slowly but that is the only thing I can think it is. I have not even started running yet. Can anyone help?


  • chischis Posts: 94
    Hi Vanessa1234

    Welcome to the forum!

    I have a history of knee trouble and could be classed as an authority on knee problems! Having said that the best advice I could give you is to see someone who is qualified - a physio or an orthopaedic specialist. Physios often know their stuff and can refer you on if their type of treatment is inappropriate.

    From your information, as you are just starting out, it could be that your pains are just due to your increased training load. On the other hand it could be that your knees are showing signs of wear and tear depending on your age and sporting/lifestyle/work history.

    These days wear and tear in the knee leading to cartilege problems or debris related pains etc etc are relatively routine to sort out but if you are really hampered by your problems then do seek professional advice if the problem does not go away.

    Best of luck - do not get too frustrated - there IS life in triathlon after knee problems! I can vouch for that. I had my last knee op last March and competed for GB in the World Age Group Championships in the September
  • Thanks Chris

    I feel better about it now. They do seem to be abit better now but if it persists I will go and see someone.

    Thanks again

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