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ironman france.

hi guys, nice to find a site closer to home, i have been on bt for a year now,but since i am going to france,nice for the ironman, im swicthing camps to this forum.i am looking for answers to questions like,

has any one done nice b4?

whats the big hill on the bike {30 k or so} really like?

is the long down hill b4 the mary good for recovery?

is cardaic drift due to the heat a big problem?

fitness for me and my friend are not a problem, but we ireland so the heat is a big worrying factor for us.

should we do all our long runs on the treadmill to stimulate the dead heat?

thanks for your time...


  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hi there,

    There's an ironman france thread already started, you might have to go back to early January to find it but there are a few of us from this forum going in June. I have also been trying to find some info on the bike leg and will post a couple of race reports here soon. Where are you based in Ireland?
  • cork city. where u at?
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    I'm in Drogheda - it s a bit of a spin!
  • have you done an im b4?

  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hey Half,

    I did IMUK last year. I notice from the swim style thread that you did aswell, looking for a new challenge in france?
  • does anybody know what energy drink they will be giving out in IM france ?
  • not sure. im realy hoping someone on here has all the answers.

    pacman, i think the heat will be the challange. as far as i can see the bike has a major climb of 30k or so followed by one of 12k. then its flats and downhills for the rest........this might be ok dont you think?? fuck yourself up in the first climbs, and freewheel to the mary.....

  • hey half - paceman

    corkman living in clare here. will yee be doing any half IM in preparation for nice ?

    Also - do yee know any big climbs in munster that would be good prep for nice bike course ?

  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    At least your not Cork man living in Kerry that could be emotionally distressing! I've done all my training around Louth / Meath but i am signed up to a Triathlon Ireland training camp in March which has some good bike training. I've also signed up to do an oly at tri Athy in May. I did a 1/2 IM in training last year in prep for the UKIM and it was very useful but I don't know of any 1/2 in late April up to the middle of May. I don't think it would be of benefit after that?

    I'm not too worried about the heat, particularly if the weather here is into the mid twenties for May June. If you get out for long bikes on any of the warm / hot days I think that'll be fine.
  • i rearly cycle in munster due to work keeping me away,but when i do its cork city to fermoy to mitchills town and from there into clogheen village tipperary over "the vee" senic drive through the comragh mountains into lismore waterford, and back into fermoy and cork again.

    125 miles or so with a good 5 k solid climb in "the vee" through the mountains.

    this is my main im training route. as long as i hit it 3 or 4 times in the 3mounths b4 an iron man , i know i can hack it.

    in the off season its 1x2hours of "killamonjaro" on the life fitness bike at level 12 and a 50 k bike on the weekend. i never bother with the long ones until a few months out.
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