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mavic ksyriums sl.

Mavic are a great brand you cannot go wrong with them ditto for Zipp (USA factory built only), Corima, Campagnolo and Fulcrum


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    are they any good? i never had a good set of wheels.
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    i have an entry level bike, an ambosia solaro, but i love it. the wheels it came with are heavy basic mavics. they weigh a ton, and are always going out of shape.

    i wonder will the lighter wheels make a difference to my time over an iron distance cycle??
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    I think easton will be the way i go next. Mavics tend to be hit and miss now. You can get two people, same weight, identical type mavic wheels but one may have nothing but trouble with them. I have aksiums on my carbon, they have stayed true. But i nearly upgraded to some es mavics (with red spoke) but heard lots of comments about hub troubles??

    It may just be our crap roads and weather here in the south west?? But i like the look and price of the easton wheels, got a good write up as well.
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