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Travelling and Tri(ing)

Does anyone else have a job like mine where I am regularly travelling abroad during the week, loosing time/gaining time due to different time zones and having to stay in hotels with a mix of good/bad phys kit???

If so please help - how do you do it?

I am really struggling to maintain a cosistent effort of training and as I am in for the 70.3 in June, I am beginning to get a bit concerned and I am wondering how to get the most out of my training....



  • I know the problem. I always take my swim stuff whereever I go and I always try to book a hotel that has a decent sized pool. Other than that, I take my running kit when I have space or time and always try to run through whichever city I'm staying in, using a paper city map, so that I tick the tourism and training boxes in one. The hotel gyms are normally crappy little rooms with no ventilation and couple of old machines, so I prefer to get outside as long as the city is safe enough. Jetlag means that you can get to run at some of the quietist times of the night!

  • Thanks for the suggestion might try that next week in Parsippany....
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Work takes me away from home a lot. Mainly UK - with only the occaisional foray abroad. Wherever you go, you can run! So I always have shoes and kit with me. Getting out takes a bit more motivation - but you always feel better for it if you do ;-)

    We have a pretty much fixed budget for overnight stays - so I spend a bit of time on "laterooms.com" looking for a Hotel with a gym/fitness centre in the right place at the right budget.

    I've also just got a Garmin Forerunner 405. Which is great. One issue is getting lost. I was in Edinburgh last week, at the Holiday Inn by the Zoo. The hotel is pretty ropey (benchmark is a premier inn, and it was worse than that). But there was a Gym and a Pool. These weren't too bad (the gym has to have a Concept II rower, plus free weights, and ideally a swiss ball). I set off for my run - determined to go up the Royal Mile. Did that. Then got lost trying to get back. Ending up doing a 10 mile run instead of 5 ;-). It was only when I got back that I discovered that the 405 has a "get me back to the start" navigation feature!! So, I will certainly be using that in future!

    But just heading out on to the streets, doing some fartlek, or just an easy run, is certainly doable - and something like a 405 that you give you good metrics about what you've been doing is a great motivational tool. The 405 is also small enough to wear as (a bit bulk) normal watch - so you don't have to pack too much.

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