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TT/aerobars or drops with STIs for UK70.3

OK this may be a bit of a daft question but I am sure there are a few people out there who have done the Wimbleball route and I was wondering what people's feeling was on handlebars.

I have a Trek 9.5 with Profile aerobars which I would really love to race on the course next year.

My question is basically this - would it be really silly to change the handlebars to drops/STIs for the Wimbleball course as looking at it it is a touch hilly/technical and I am a mite concerned that changing gear when out of the saddle on a 14% hill using end shifters could be challenging [&:]. I have seen at least one pro rider do this for the Tour this year (aero frame/drop handles).

Any thoughts??



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    RobRob Posts: 209
    How's your cycling generally? When I did it the first year I did it on drops & found that worked well. I do know of guys who have done it on TT bars so it's possible. Changing gear going up some of those hills would be difficult on TT bars. Need to make sure you're in the right gear at the bottom of the hill if you're not confident & just spin up it. If it's possible to 'spin' up those hills!
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    My cycling is okay - getting better every time I get on the bike - although I only got the chance to race on my Trek once last year before I ran out of season! I might have a go at cycling part of the course with both bikes if I get the time or just find some big hills near where I am (plenty of those in the Cotswolds!) and have a play - thanks anyway

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    The best thing would be to get the full aerobar set up, and try it out. Some guys really take to it others are more comfortable on the more conventional system. In all but the steepest hills I remain in the aero position and hold the same gear, then change up on cresting the hill, but it takes practise to get the gear correct - so you need to train on it
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    I did it in 3.20 on a Trek TT full aero set up. The big hills are so steep you're in the bottom gear after 10metres so you don't really change gear that much.

    Depends how strong you are on the hills really. Go and find a good one and keep repeating it until your chain snaps - thats what I did.

    I also got overtaken buy a guy with a full disk wheel...

    Its not that bad a bike course really, its just the hilly x-country run after that makes it feel so bad

    Enjoy xx
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    Thanks! I think that makes me feel better [&:] Now I need to find a big hill ........

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