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Using Don Fink "be IRONfit" for 70.3 training

I am sure someone must be able to answer this one as soooo many people seem to have read this book. [:D]

I am trying to plan out my training schedule for the UK 70.3 and having read Don Fink's book I am still a little perplexed. When people have used his book to train to Half IM have they just followed the 30 week plans up until the Half IM practice race or have they tried to do something clever and adapt the entire 30 wk plan.

Any suggestions gratefully received - and please don't suggest the Triathlon's Bible that has me even more bemused!! [:(]



  • Iain,

    My A race for next year is the New Forest 70.3. IS the Don Fink book any good and if so, let me know if you get an answer regarding your above question.

  • taytay Posts: 18
    I have no idea - bought Triathletes training bible (then sold it straight away I am afraid), then Don Fink with intention of using it do do 70.3. I couldn't work out how to adapt it for that distance either - so got a coach who does my plan for me! I quite liked the book though...
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    Hi Combatdwarf

    If you are doing a half ironman then why dont you just half the training that 'be ironfit' recommends? eg if it says do an hour run in zone 2, just do a 30 minute run in zone 2. half the swimming training distances etc. if you have spare time or feel that that isnt enough you can add in some sessions of your weakest discipline (running for me[:'(])

    good luck and enjoy the training!
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