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How to pack a bike?!

Go to a site that sells the box and look at the picture.

One wheel goes in the lid and the other under the bars.

You have to take the skewers out and bars off.


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    Hi, I have a dhb hard bike case but cannot seem to fit both wheels in! If anyone has used this kind of box and can offer any tips for packing please help! Thanks [:)]
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    Thanks Bonker. I have tried the picture route, but they never seem to have a bike in their box! I have taken the bars off, but not the skewers so hope that will do the trick. I assume that they just unscrew? thanks again[:D]
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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    I bet thats anoying.. ;o) lol
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    bonkerbonker Posts: 13
    Dear Katelander,

    Have a look at the pic in this link. The other ( front) wheel goes on the frame and underneath the handlebars.


    I am assuming this is the same box as the one you have.
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