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Has someone done the IM UK? I've read that the bike is quite hard... Any training suggestion? I live in London, any good place to ride? Is someone going to do it this year?

Thanks [;)]


  • scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    I signed up this year, will be my first Ironman!!

    I am going to ride the course in july!

    I always like to ride the course before the event just to see what time I can roughly do it in, and how much more I need to train for it to get the time down!!

    yeovil isn't to far from london would be a good training weekend down there! I always like to pop into Triuk aswell!!
  • punkerspunkers Posts: 3
    it's my first Ironman too! I see you are going to do lots of races before it. I'm just preparing for that. I would like to try the bike course too. When r u going there?
  • Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    Hi All

    When you have had a go at the course, could you report back how good or bad it is, I will not be arriving in the UK until a week or so before the race so will not have a chance to ride much of the course (if any - depends on jet lag). I am concerned about the hills as I train in a pretty flat area and so I think I may have a few issues on the day! I think our IM is rated as the flattest bike course in the world.

    Enjoy the summer riding, over here it is wet and gets dark very early and not at all conducive to training for IM.


  • scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    I will be riding it at the end of July, I will write a report on it!

    Don't worry its bound to be wet here on the day, and of what I have heard the hills are long steady climbs, so I just train some sessions at a lower cadence to help strength, not too low or your knees will give in [&:]
  • do trido tri Posts: 12
    HI Guys posted this in the main forum about a month ago re cycle course

    I live at Charlton Down which is the turn point on the new course , I look out of my lounge window and see one of the hills on the course-daily torture.

    I rode the new course last weekend having got the email late friday night.

    The first point is that according to my Garmin the new lap is 36.41miles as against 34.55miles so the course is longer -we are going to get the full 112!

    The first change is not going all the way to Dorchester which was a nice flat part -helps keep the avg speed going instead we have hill at Charlton Down which is give or take a mile long -this joins at the top onto the old course.It is quicker than going the loop to Dorchester but harder.This was the turnpoint when they ran the 1/2 Ironman from Sherborne in 2004.

    The course is then the same until around Holwell where it turns right onto a long straight good quality road -towards Crouch Hill.We then go onto a single track lane Sandy lane that takes us onto the main road which is ok some nice downhills.

    The extra loop at Alweston is a really beautiful single track lane- grass growing up the middle in parts! It is flat with couple of really sharp bends half way round-no warning road signs.Also there is a sharp hairpin to get onto the lane from the main road. Then its back onto the main course about 100m on from where we left it.

    I m looking forward to it as I completed the event in 2006 and vowed never again! Time makes you forget the pain!


    Do Tri[8D]

  • scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    Cheers for that!!

    Hey least if its too much on the day you can have a 30 min break at your house :) have a quick nap [:D]
  • do trido tri Posts: 12
    Hey Scott - nap would be nice 2-3 hours would do and still be inside 17hr cut off comfortably!

    do tri[8D]
  • do trido tri Posts: 12
    8 weeks to go some big long sessions coming .Starting to get worried.Have I done enough?

    do tri
  • do trido tri Posts: 12
    hi guys

    2 weeks to go how has the training gone?

    as usual I feel I ve not done enough and I m excited and anxious about the event.

    at least if it rains and blows a gale on the day we ll be prepared as training this summer's weather has been awful

    see u on the 7th

    do tri
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    yep, i'm kakking myself! worried if i've done enough...just gonna forget about my 'target' time and just get round.

    i was wondering, is anyone going to make use of the 'special needs' bags? and if so, what are you putting in them?[&:]
  • grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Hey everyone,

    I'm not competing but I am coming to watch, check the course out and hopefully ride the bike leg on the Saturday.

    Just wanted to wish you all the best of luck, should be an amazing day.

  • do trido tri Posts: 12
    hi jon _g

    I m not using special needs bag ,did nt last time and got round ok.One thing I noticed last time was a lot of competitors had sandwiches with them on the bike leg and were tucking in on the way round.

    I ll probably do this ham & cheese in my back pocket

    good luck

    do tri
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