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Which bike for Harwich Tri?

TT bike or road bike for Harwich sprint Tri? Thanks.


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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Had a look at the course map, and it looks fairly technical (lots of bends, a few blind corners, a section with some loose surface etc), so I reacon a road bike would be your best bet for this course as you wouldnt really get the aerodynamic benifit of a TT/tri bike.

    Try emailing the organisers and see what they think........

    good luck!

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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Hey I am in that sucker. I think most of Ipswich Tri Club are.

    I only have one bike, but my mate who has a TT and Roadbike is taking his Roadbike. As MG said there are lots of turns.

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    It's def a TT bike course. I think the map must be deceptive. Hope you enjoyed it & to see you at Harwich Tri 2009
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    Good choice. This year's sprint was my first-ever tri.

    Great bike course. Yes, there are quite a few turns, but plenty of scope for getting down out of the wind, too. Deffo an event for a TT bike.
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