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South London Club?


I've seen a few posts on here for clubs around South London, but I'd also like a bit of advice on where to join from experienced members. I'm fairly new to tri but have been an avid cyclist for years and putting in adequate marathon times. My big weakness is my swim which in every event I've done so far is letting me down a good 3 minutes from the rest of the pack that I seem to be finishing with. To try and correct this, I'm keen to join a club in or around the Clapham area that has either coached swim sessions, or members willing to help me improve my technique and my training sessions. Previously I've been training myself - which although allows me to take part, I feel is not getting the best out of me to actually compete.

So - has anyone got any suggestions?

I was looking at Full-On-Tri, would these guy's be a good start?




  • MattRobinsMattRobins Posts: 15
    Neil, probably a bit too far South for you but my club (SLH TRI Club - Part of South London Harriers) based near Croydon, has open water and pool based coached swim sessions. Look us up on the web if you are interested or reply on this forum and I will give you some more details.

    Oh, and the pool we use is lush!!
  • Hi Matt,

    I've had a look at south london harriers as I work in Croydon so it could work quite nicely. The pools in Caterham isn't it? Have you got any meet details. I've been looking at my swim and really think it's quite pathetic, I did the Blenhiem 750 in just over 16 minutes which is about 3 minutes slower than the people I finished with.

    If you can pass on some meet times that would be really good. I'd be very interested in any bike sessions you guy's do as well.


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