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Newbie bike advice - BH L31

Hi there,

I'm new to 220 and would really appreciate your advice...

I recently completed my first tri (Eton Supersprints), really enjoyed it and now plan to invest in a 'proper' road bike, which I can use for racing as well as the occasional commute and even sportive.

My budget is £500-700ish and I was originally dead-set on a Specialized Allez as I understand these are pretty solid. However, I just popped into my LBS (Prologue in East Sheen) and was shown a bike I hadn't heard of before, from Spanish brand BH. It's called the L31 (snappy, huh?) and has carbon seatsays and full 105 groupset for £650. Apparently they're a big brand on the continent but haven't been in the UK for long.

Seems like great value but can't find any reviews online. Do any of you guys know this bike?



PS: They also had a Pinarello Prince but I think I'll save that for next year ;-)


  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Just had a look at the bike. Looks ok. I've heard of BH before, sure they've had bikes in the TdeF before. It's 7005 Alu so not the best. I'm not really a weight weenie so not sure what a bike should weigh - I see that one is 9.8kg, sounds not that light really but not sure (just checked a random Allez review and it is 9.1kg, not sure which model). The 105 is good though. So overall, my verdict is er, it's ok, might find better, definitely find alot worse. Don't be hypnotised by the carbon, good Alu is still v.light. If you're thinking of upgrading at a later date might be worth seeing if you can get a bike with better frame and worse components you can upgrade to Dura-Ace, Full carbon chainset, Rear disc wheel, etc (Red obviously!)

  • ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    What are you using at the moment? How quickly do you need your new bike? There's often an advantage in waiting until late in the year as good deals can be had on this years bikes when next years models come out. Not sure ofexactly when the best time is but I am sure that really good deals can be had.
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