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Winter training plans - really appreciate any advice

I'm still quite new to triathlons, having only completed two races so far - the Eton Supersprint back in May and last weekend's Orca Sprint. However, I've definitely got the bug and therefore want to train over the winter to be in good shape for next season.

I've researched various training plans online but most seem to be 12-week plans geared towards specific events. What I'd really like to find is a general winter training schedule that includes the right blend of pool, bike, running and weights work to keep me in good shape over the darker months.

Any tips/website links greatly appreciated!




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    stustu Posts: 28
    glad you posted this, I was about to do the same.

    From what I gather the season is about to end. I'm going to join a club next week and try and get some more structured coaching that way, probably in the pool and try and glean as much info as I can about year long training.

    I'm from a Personal Training background and familiar with periodisation and base training principles and practices, however I'd be really keen to hear what some of the more experiended triathetes think and recommend.

    For instance, I want to compete at Olympic distance, so does base training for that differ from base training or other distances.

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Miles makes Champions.

    Winter training = BORING long slow distance, punctuated with the odd 10kM running race, MTB race etc.

    Build your base over the Winter, I go for 3 key sessions per week - 1 hour non-stop swimming, 20km run, 60kM turbo session, 100kM plus cycle with group and what ever else.

    One word of warning you can get sucked into becoming a "plodder" and become good and comfortble doing this. Therefore come Spring you must change this programe into one with loads of intervals and upping the ante.

    Good luck

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    djtvdjtv Posts: 28
    Treefrog. Thanks for the tips for us all.

    I struggle to get the time to do a 60Km on the turbo in the week (long commute and long office hours etc.) if I break this down to 2 x 30Km sessions will this have a similar affect or is it wasted?


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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    2x30km would probably be preferrable to your training, your butt & your sanity!

    Whilst I agree that LSD is mostly the way to go, I will still throw in some hi intensity work, to remind the body that it needs to be fast as well as efficient, also the slower stuff does not have to be boring, now is the time to sort out new routes, especially as times/speeds are less of an issue, but heart rate is, one can also enjoy the beauty of autumn as one isn't rushing by to get that PB in. Experiment with techniques & drills in all 3 disciplines & feeding strategies, new kit etc, use the time well.
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    stustu Posts: 28
    Did my first tri yesterday Sprint 80mins, fairly okay, I know I can definately improve by quite a bit. So will really be getting into some serious improver training. Great advice on here.

    Current thinking is to stay on sprint triathlons next year, so will try for two 30k bikes a week (why do triathletes work in kilometers and runners in miles??).

    Is there any particular heart rate to work in for this, sub 75%?

    At the moment I don't have any bike computer, but am a bit geeky and love to record my stats and keep logs.

    Am thinking of using ISmarttrain software for logs, can anyone recommend a good but sensible priced bike computer that allows me to record and download my stats.

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