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Trye size vs rim size

Hi I have herad that using 20mm over 23mm tyres is much more aero but i cant find many compaines that produce them and would a 20mm tyre fit on a mavic Cosmic Carbone SL




  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    the 20mm will be more aero, but the 23mm has less rolling resistance, there is an article on it that was comparing them. Personally I would go with the 23, i think the aero difference is not that great but it will be more comfortable i think.

    but I think yes a 20mm would fit on a mavic I think, some manufacturers like HED actually recommend a 20mm tyre on most of their wheels, apart from the new wider ones.
  • as these are my race wheels perforance is more importnat that comfort so i would prob go with the 20mm if the only really lose is comfort


  • husslerhussler Posts: 237

    I run 19mm Continental Competition Tubular tyres, they are excellent!! and you can pump them upto 170 psi!!!!! I usually run them at 130ish though just so I have some teeth left when it comes to the run:) you can get these from wiggle.
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