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Hi all, i competed at Windsor yesterday and, the same as last year, experienced crippling cramps on the run. On the bike i ate a nutrition bar, drank a bottle of strongly made up SIS and half a bottle of water. I don't think i could drink much more as the toilet stops would be more of a hindrance!!

I sweat a lot during training and racing and yesterday had salt marks on my face and arms after the event. Can anyone recommend a nutrition practice or supplement that may help with this. Whilst i will never break a record or win i would like to improve the the cramps (in quads and hams) are crippling.

I am supposed to be doing the New Forrest half iron man in September and right now cannot contemplate it as know i will be crippled - 10km in pain is manageble but 21km is a different story!!

I have seen some stuff about Nuun tablets - has anyone any experience of these? Could these help?

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


Marcus (still in pain today!!)


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    SwimfanSwimfan Posts: 19
    Gatorade works for me...lack of potassium is one cause of cramps.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    As could be overdrinking, or too concentrated a drink drawing water from the cells to dilute it to a useable strength.

    Obey your thirst, do not drink because mr gatorade/lucozade/sis etc tells you to. Currnet thinking is that hyponatremia is more likely than dehydration & that the performance drop offs reported by the drinks companies are a little wide of the mark as they are lab studies where sweating is likely to be at at higher rate than in the real world where we have breezes, airflow over body etc. Thee is anexcellent but long thread on slowtwtich about this, with some heavyweight contributors.
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