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Trek Equinox

Hi guys,

Anyone had any experiences or thoughts on the Trek Equinox 7 '08??

Looking to get a new bike as my trusty old Lemond has seen better days and one of my local bike shops has a couple of Trek Equinox 7 '08 models reduced from £1,400 down to £750.

First season coming up in Triathlon so looking for something useful.



  • Made with Alpha Red Carbon so will be bloody fast.........[;)]
  • BEEFBEEF Posts: 43
    So I don't even have to pedal??

  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    I have an equinox 9 from 2006 and its the bol**ks I love it, I tried the transition comp and it was pretty sharp aswell, except the setup on the equinox is more forgiving. I don't have great flexibility in my lower back, the equinox has spacers on the front which you can remove as you become more accustomed to the aero position. Its my most treasured tri possession and I'd give 10/10.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Do you get the naked virgins in with the bike or are they extra?
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    are they properly waxed, full of porridge and very very expensive???

    oops,... sorry; of topic I guess (Or not? [:D]).
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