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Tri Uk Pack 2?

Being a relative new commer to the sport, (first sprint distance last year) can any one who has bought the above package give their opinion, which on the face of it, looks like a great buy?

Also when swiming how do you work out heart rate, is it advisable to wear a heart rate monitor? Concentrating on bi lateral breathing, how soon would you expect the body to become more efficient, and therefore increase pace time. Prior to incorpoarting bi lateral beathing approx swim time (750 m 12 mins now more like 16 mins)


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    transittransit Posts: 163
    The package looks ok to me. You can't go wrong with a Giant bike. I am sure some of the components could be better but if you have no particular 'wants' (makes, specs etc) then it's money well spent.

    Alot of people wear HR monitors for swimming, it depends what sort of sessions you are doing. Just make sure your HR monitor is fully waterproof.

    Bilateral breathing won't necessarilly make you quicker, it is just meant to balance your stroke out slightly. Stops you getting strong on one side. Alot of people advocate breathing every two strokes in open water.

    Hope this helps!
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    when Im in the pool and open water I breath every 2 stokes, in the pool its always on the right, turning away from the swimmers coming the other direction, and in open water it is 2 left 2 right 2 left 2 right etc. This is because you will probabily need a bit more air for open water, and I find that 2 on each side keeps me going straight.
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    janandtotjanandtot Posts: 1
    It seems that I am making a real dogs dinner of my swiiming training at the moment, 5 strokes left breathe, 5 strokes right breathe. My final aim is to to swim 1500m in open water in around 30mins.

    Currently completing as many 100m drills front crawl apporox time 2.20, that I am a able without losing stroke control . Which is best great technique, slow time or could have a better technique with a desireable time ?

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