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Which aerobars?

I'd like to get some aerobars for my roadbike. I don't mind investing a bit, but have no experience.

Can anyone make a recommendation, or give me some points to consider when making my choice.

I've been looking online at this model.





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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    The Eastons are very good bars!! but are pricey.... I use a CBX pro bar with Profile F22C carbon rests..... you can get this whole set up for around £200 from the link below...


    i find these bars really good, strong, and responsive

    I notice you say your gona put these on your road bike?? Does this mean you plan to turn your road bike into an aero bike??

    This can be done but i wouldnt recommend it as the geometry will be out..as the top tube tends to be slightly longer on a road bike than a tri bike so you wont get the most out of those expensive bars..... plus you will have to buy some new brake levers and bar end shifters and re-wire everything etc

    If you plan to buy some expensive bars for your road bike, i would maybe save some more money and buy a Tri specific bike.

    This is just my opinion and someone else will prob have different views....

    Good Luck!!
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    I changed by bike setup to a TT with aero shifters and brakes. I bought a cheaper bar set-up.....Pro Syntace one. Very decent and good enough for a road bike. I did this to see if i liked the set-up without buying one. Loved it and smashed my bike times with them. I have now just bought a new TT bike.

    Link for aero bars. (You will need to buy levers and shifters. Prob another £70.


    They are also selling on wiggle.
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    One other possibility is just getting some Profile Jammer GTs or any other sub £100 clip ons to get use to the aero position before going out and spending a large chunk of cash on an expensive TT set up or a new bike.

    I did this last year and after I found a significant drop of a few mins on my 25km time, and that I spent more time aero than on the hoods I decided to go for a new TT bike (Trek 9.5 TTX v nice) which took a huge (15mins) amount of time off my race.

    Only a thought

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    Thanks to all for the advice! I appreciate the links, too.


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