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etiquette regarding the swim leg

jboyjboy Posts: 40

first tri at the wknd...absolutely loved it.

just wondering about the swim,

it was open water with 200 in the first wave so it was a bit messy to say the least...

i didnt push past anyone or anything like that just tried to keep my own place and swim steady

is it wrong to pull someone back and swim over them etc

i could have gone alot faster if i did that but didnt want to mess with other ppl if you know what i mean or waste energy

what do you when it comes to traffic?!


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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    All is fair in love and war and mass starts. Swim over them, it happens to me all the bloody time.

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    dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    I think pulling someone back might be a bit much (can you guess I'm not the fastest swimmer..?) but overtaking at close quarters/swimming over is all part of the game I reckon.

    Perhaps try and start nearer the front of your wave in your next event as then the people in front of you should be going quick enough for you to draft off - rather than just boxing you in.
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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    Get yourself in the right place, and go for it, pulling people back is a bit OTT I would say but other than that (no biting or blows below the belt) anything goes...
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    If you are going to drag somebody back then do it properly and drag 'em by the zip cord. As their suit comes open it will blow up like a puffer fish, leaving you to streak ahead!

    Actually, don't. Ever. Pulling people back is dangerous and (I'd say) cheating.

    On the other hand, expect a few elbows, and do not feel you need to compromise your stroke just because somebody is coming up next to you, or is getting too close to your feet. Just keep swimming and make your own space.

    Same at the start, I reckon. I was a bit shocked in London last year at how much shoving was going on before the start. Lots of argy-bargy. Also, I found it hard to start kicking properly knowing that my feet were just under the chin of the guy behind. Oh well - just get on with it.

    A tip I was given by an old hand: tread water nice and high, use a breast-stroke kick and lunge to get that extra meter at the start. If somebody is very close next to you then just tap their arm as you do it... the distraction will give you that tiny bit of extra room.

    Finally, when boxed in by the swimmer next to you (imagine they are on your right): drop back so your head is level with their waist. When your right hand goes in next to them roll onto your back, one back stroke pull with your left arm (you are now on their legs) then roll again. Practice this in a pool with your chums - if you do it right then other guy will barely notice and you'll be on the other side of him in (hopefully) clear water. I've used this to avoid being squeezed between two slower swimmers: as I came through the middle they seemed to turn in towards me. Must have been some effect from my enormous bow-wave pulling them under.... [:D] (joke)

    I found I had a lot of traffic in the way in London because I had allowed other people to push in front of me at the start and I ended up at the back of the pack. 27:40 for 1500m was about 4-5 mins off the pace for me [:(] This year I'm going to be prepared to hold my position.

    Practice mass start drills with your friends: get 3-4 of you treading water in a lane, then somebody shouts 'Go' and you sprint to the other end. Make sure you are good mates or it could all end in tears... it might well do anyway.


    - Hold your position at the start;

    - Sprint the first 200-400 if you are a quick swimmer to find some clear water (probably not in 70.3 or IM, though!);

    - Maintain your stroke, don't worry about hitting other people but do not go out of your way to hit them;

    - if you are ahead then make your own course, don't worry about the guys just behind you.

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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    all is fair in love and war but dont expect anyone to roll over for you.... ask yourself how much faster your race will be with a foot in your face, or elbow, or someone very pissed off grabbing on to your legs...

    Start in the correct place.

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    jboyjboy Posts: 40
    cheers fellas,

    got the results of the swim leg and it took 15.30 for 750m which is about 2 mins slower than i have done in a pool.

    yeah i think i need to be a bit more aggressive with the first 200m as i just concentrted on a long and slow stroke from the off

    you mention getting into the correct place..

    the start involved everyone (200) holding onto a pontoon (ie all in a straight line),...would i be better starting along the inside or outside or middle!?? inside line will get busy i'd imagine and outside line makes it a longer swim!
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    It depends how strong a swimmer you are...a 15.30 min 750 m isn't all that quick, but as you said it is 2 min slower than your pool time, it sounds like you might have just enough power at the start to push hard and leave the jumbled mess of the trailing pack behind...I always find this works a treat (although admitadly it can come back to bit you in the arse a few mins later when you're blowing from a sprint start!) :0)

    Wherever you end up, hold your own and keep swimming as normal - others will soon drop off! Enjoy!
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