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new wetsuit!

jboyjboy Posts: 40
First post here on the forum!

I've just bought my first wetsuit...orca s2....bought it off the net without trying it on ( first mistake)...however i did get my measuring tape out and measured myself on all the body parts listed on the wiggle site.

I ordered a medium tall which on paper should fit.


the leg length, thigh hips/waist fit fine for length, a bit tight but so it should be?

the arm length seem fine too.......but i cant zip it up o9n my own...does this mean its too small?!

i can get someone else to zip it for me and feels tight and it brings my shoulders foward slightly, i havwent swam in it yet.

if i cant zip it up myself does this mean its too small or is this a normal occurence?


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    garydee77garydee77 Posts: 63
    lol - I could have typed the exact same post as you!

    u wouldn't believe it but exact same thing has happened me! Every part of that post - even the size! :/ jebus!


    I too havent tried it in the water but im led to believe it is supposed to be 'uncomfortably tight' on when dry - im hoping the water expands it just a little.

    Also i dont mind being helped into it - as long as I can get it off - which i can unzip and pull off down in a couple of swift motions.

    I still plan to hit the shower/bath and test it as there is a severe lack of open water sessions near me - i have one planned 2 weeks before my first olympic tri so that will be fun!

    anyways - perhaps others of more experience can give us advice!


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    Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63

    Wetsuit should feel fairly tight and generally pretty bad when not in water, it normally needs another person to get it on, coming off is not normally too much of a problem when it is wet, make sure you use something like body glide on the bits that rub (neck, shoulders etc) you need to find out all of those bits by swimming in it, put bodyglide on ankles as this sometimes helps it slide off.

    Practice, practice and did I say practice! Swimming and removing, make sure you know how to stow the cord to unzip, note if left to 'dangle' it can go around your arms/neck and this is not a good feeling! Also swimming in a wetsuit feels very strange at first but it does get easier.

    Hope this puts your mids at rest a bit.


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    ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    Was it from Wiggle? I wonder if their sizing is a little out on this particular one. I also went for the medium tall S2. I was on the edge of the height limit but bang in the middle for the chest/weight measurements. Even with help I coldn't get it zipped up.

    I sent it back and got the large tall. This fits much better. I can get it on and off on my own. It is nice and snug and was fine in the pool when I tested it. I'll find out more on Sunday when I race in it.

    Jboy and Garydee 77.

    If these were both Wiggle please let me know. They are usually pretty good and seem to value their reputation. If that's three in a row that are wrong then it may be a bad batch from Orca, a typo in their sizing chart or some other systemic problem. If they are told they are likely to do something to prevent other people having the same problem.

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    I'm another with all your described symptoms. I' 6'3 tall, athletically slim ([;)] female forum users take note pls) and 13st.

    I got measured & weighed up at a reputable Tri shop and to my slight surprise ended up with a ML size (Blue Seventy Reaction).

    I like the suit but I think it's too small. I'm a sub 15min 750m swimmer in the pool (average I know) but a 17min swimmer with the suit on in open water. I quickly get fatigued in the shoulders - not a pool experience.

    I also can't zip up my suit and I have to hitch it up my limbs to try and give a little more leeway in the shoulders but it doesn't feel great.

    I might look to swap (anyone? for the same suit in a Large) but chances of that are slim. I'll have to try and pick up an end of season bargin (hopefully before my first Olympic in Sept).
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    dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    Wiggle have a good returns policy. If its really uncomfortable I suggest sending the unworn suit back and getting a size up. Being too tight round the shoulders will be no fun for you in the long run, or swim.

    Being currently in the process of switching my new E:1 for a larger size I wonder whether the info about a suit supposed to be "uncomfortably tight" is a few years out of date. When I tried the size I am now going to get it felt great (in and out of the water). I wonder whether the comfort out of the water made me go one smaller. Suit materials are pretty advanced now and maybe the out of water discomfort is just not the case any more. Perhaps someone with more industry/wetsuit knowledge would be able to opine.

    Harlow Yellow, sounds like your suit could be a little small (I swam slower than expected in my new suit - hence the swap). Have you spoken to the shop that fitted you for the suit? They may be able to do you a deal on the basis of their bad recommendation. The guys I bought my new 2XU from are allowing me to do this (although in this case it was not a bad recommendation from them as I even swam in mine before I bought it slightly too small!)

    PS - I always get someone else to do my suit up on the basis that there's always someone around to help and their zipping will be kinder to my (a little too) expensive kit than my unsighted efforts.
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    jboyjboy Posts: 40
    so there i was zipped up (with the help of a friend!) in all my glory standing on the jetee looking out on to the lake.

    googles on....

    just go for it.. £$%& it!!

    ...it felt great!

    felt pretty good in the water, arms were fatigued on the run straight after, but overall pleased.

    first time in open water and it was a bit tough with the waves of ripples entering my mouth on evry breath.

    i think it must have expanded in the wet?!
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    penguinpenguin Posts: 37
    I ordered two ORCA S2s from wiggle last week. They arrived one day before leaving to Hamburg for the Olympic triathlon.

    I am 96Kg and so I ordered the size 8 - VERY hard to get the suit zipped up! probably because of the Man boobies.

    My work mate "nemesis" here weighs 69 Kg so ordered him the MT - he got the suit on ok but (CONSTANTLY) complained about the tightness.

    After swimming in them, we were both very happy and no complaints.

    Although strangely my swimming time was not reduced...not sure I can blame the suit....probably more to do with the slow "directionally challenged" person I choose to follow.

    Just thought this might help people to not panic when first trying on the wetsuits.

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