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jboyjboy Posts: 40
anyone going to athlone on saturday?!

i reckon it should be a good event.....anyone do it last year?


  • I did get to this year as I had plans for this weekend - shame as it looks to be a well put together event.

    Next year!

    Plus I think they are considering introducing the olympic distance to Age Groupers for next years.

    Best of luck if you are in for it.

  • joewaferjoewafer Posts: 6
    Yep! Im signed up for another bout of pain on saturday morning. Cant wait though - been focusing on this race all year. I done it last year and it was only my third ever tri - what an experience - the swim would put anybody off triathlons for life! Even if it was only 750m, with the current it was like swimming with someone keeping their hand on your head to stop you! There was swimmers being pulled out of the water left right and centre! This year I think they have taken that into consideration and will change the swim route of necessary.

    Im in wave one 9am start - BRING IT ON!
  • jboyjboy Posts: 40
    alright fellas

    dont talk to me about the swim...kicked, pushed, pulled for probably 600m of the swim!! the worst part was running from the pontoon to T1...i had a stitch by the time i got to my bike....no word of a lie! were those transitions very long or is that standard ?!

    it was my first tri and i must say i really enjoyed it...bike leg was a bit boring and the headwind on the way out didnt help...but i was handy enough on the way back i suppose

    run was fine too...finished strong with a bit left in the tank so was overall pleased. i thought the run wasnt as well marshalled as the rest of it cos i saw ppl running to the finish line with only 1 lap completed.

    i have no idea what time i finished in. when will the results be out?
  • Hey Jboy,

    well done on your first Tri! That was a baptism of fire as its officially the biggest tri in Ireland! The transitions for races this big are normally quite large to accomodate the larger amount of bikes - Athlone actually did quite well to get the swim exit so close to T1 I think.

    The bike was tough and we (North West Ti Club) reckon the bike was a little long as we all posted times that were longer than what we would normally do.

    You obviously got your times by now anyway so hope your happy with them.

    Whens the next one?

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