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Turbo Training

Hi there everyone

I have just bought a turbo trainer, and being relatively new to Triathlon/cycling, have never used one before... can anyone give me any advice on a few programmes to pass the time on these cold winter days!!!

I am training for a half ironman,with a couple of shorter distance ones beforehand

Many thanks


  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    My advice would be to try and spend some time concentrating on you technique while on the turbo trainer, i.e. focusing on your cadence, one legged cycling etc. Turbo trainers are good for doing a bit of high intensity work on without the concerns of traffic, but you may not want to be doing too much of that this early. I'm not sure what other users think, but the thought of doing long base sessions on the turbo doesn't appeal to me as it would be pretty boring. This is why you should use the turbo to supplement your outside riding and not replace it. If you are aiming to do a middle distance race you want to be getting the miles in outside. I'm not a great one for using pre-prescribed programmes but I'm sure some other members will be able to help you there.

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