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drinking shots on the bike leg..


so this is where i'm at with getting the hang of fuelling on the bike..

started off with 2hr bike ride with SIS energy...having a shot every 20mins..no problems whatsoever..

then i was planning on going for 3hrs the next time...so i thought i may need some gels...bought some go gels...started off with a shot of SIS energy every 20mins...at about 1hr 30mins decided to break out a gel...the second it hit my lips i was getting severe stomach cramp...read in 220 this month that carb drinks and gels dont go together..fair enough...lesson learnt.

so the next time i went out for 3hrs and had the SIS energy shot every 20mins then a go energy bar at about the 90min mark again..no problems but felt a little full at the end as i ate the whole bar...dont think i should have eaten it all in a short period of time,,any thoughts?

now i have been searching this forum and others and the net and have come to this conclusion.

1) a shot of water every 20mins with go gel every 45-60mins


2) a shot of SIS electrolyte with go gel every 45-60mins


3) a shot of SIS electrolyte with go gel every 45-60mins and 2 go energy bars spaced out over 3hr plus

which do you think is the best bet, i'm prob gonna try them all but some advice would be appreciated

i'm aiming for middle distance this summer



  • Re fueling on the bike is a tricky biz which i'm new too as well.

    Basically you are trying to balance or calorie intake and output, so what you use is individual to you and what works 4 U, thru trialing different mixes is a good idea. You need to take on board a carb refuel drink every 20 minutes as well as taking on extra calories which are convenient to consume on the bike. This may be gel packs but be ware you must consume good fluids as they will leach fluid from your body and leave you dehydrated.

    Other sources include semi solids like bananas, nuts and raisins, jelly beans or fruit cake some find these will absorb the high fluid intake and reduce that sloppy stomach feeling you can sometimes get.

    If you get the balance right you should retain optimum hydration and fueling and improve your energy levels considerably.

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    After a huge amount of experimenting I found the best refuelling strategy on the bike (so far) is to slightly over-dilute the energy drink and to take 2 gulps worth every 15 minutes. I also found using an aero bottle on the bars as a great help as there it is literally in your face reminding you to refuel. Also the 15 minute strategy was excellent for pacing laps
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Maybe you should try to drink water with the gel or bar. Otherwise it will be like a brick in your stomach, which is not a good aid to go faster.

    When preparing your drinks, look at the weather: the hotter, the more water to be added.
  • jboyjboy Posts: 40
    cheers lads,

    its very difficlut to get it right but i went out on sunday for 2.5 hours with electrolyte (nuun) and an energy bar which felt fine...

    next time i'll try electrolye with gel and see how i get on but the true test, i think, is how i feel 20mins into a run following 80k+ on the bike..

    anyways i'll keep going!!
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