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Returning from Injury

Hi All............seeking some guidance and advice regarding a suitable training plan (...preferably free!!!) to bring me back from injury.

Having competed in my first Tri season, at Super Sprint, this year I had just started to plan my 2009 season, at the end of September, intending to step up to Sprint distance in 2009, when disaster struck. Whilst climbing in Wales (........I know what you are thinking, what a stupid thing to be doing!!) I suffered a fall [:(]. Unfortuneately it wasn't only my pride that was hurt as I trapped a nerve in my neck resulting in being laid up unable to do any training at all, and an intense period of physio and chiropractic treatment. The upshot is that my physio has now prenounced me fit enough to re-commence light training..........yiphee[:)]!!!

Downside is I am not sure where to start............so can anyone let me know where I can find a suitable training schedule to ease me back gently with the goal of being able to complete a Sprint Tri in 5-6 months.

Trust someone out there can help.


  • MGMG Posts: 470
    OK, if I were you, I would seek profesional remedial advice. Although there are some very experienced athletes on this forum not many of them are physios or medicaly clued up to give you a concrete training plan to get you back into competition. A back injury is something that could really mess you up if you were to do something rash (training too hard too early). So perhaps talk to your physio for some advice on a training plan.

    Once you are strong enough though, for getting back into sprints there are some superb plans that are downloadable (not sure if thats a word [8|]) and most of them are 12 or 16 weeks so that gives you a fair bit of time to strengthen your body before you start your plan.

    Good luck and heal strong!!!!
  • MG........thanks for the sound and timely advice, I have a physio session booked for tomorrow morning so I will seek her advice on my re-introduction to training. You have rightly identified my biggest fear of doing too much too soon and putting myself back out of action. Its killed me just sitting it out for so long..........not to mention the extra kilos I have piled on over the festive period [:-]!!

    In the interim I will have a go at searching on the web for a suitable Sprint plan in readiness.

    Cheers [:)]
  • I have hada similar problem and it took me around 5 months to get to a point where I felt strong enough to be doing stuff properly again. What you should find with a trapped nerve is that you have little after effects when training as the problem is not fundamentally muscular. You just need to build the muscle steadily to give it a balanced means of supprting the skeletal problem which caused the trapped nerve. You will probably find that at the distance you are looking to train for if you are steady with your programme and look to build aa solid foundation then you will be fine to follow any programme. Just don't go out looking for fast times and pushing yourself or you may just pull something and then you'll be back to the start.

    Since starting mine training again I have been a little sore, which sports massage has helped with, but apart form that I have had no probblems and am now training 6 days a week with max distances of 1.5km swim, 25 mile bike and 6 mile runs. I have been training around 2 months now so you ca see with a steady build up you should be fine. Hope it helps.
  • Zookeepa........it's reassuring that you have made a return to training from a similar injury to myself without any untoward adverse reaction..........this gives me some light at the end of what seems a long tunnel. The 5 months timescale to a return to training is some what disappointing but has been supported by my physio this morning who has informed me that whilst I am feeling much better in myself I still have restricted movement in my neck and that I cannot return to any form of training for the forseeable future[:(].

    So it looks like for the time being I am restricted to surfing the net and reading Tri 220 to get my fill of tri!

    Thanks for the advice.......once I get the green light to return to training I will seek to follow you lead.

    Good luck with your return to full fitness[:)].
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