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Salt intake


I have been reading that athetles needing to eat more salt that normal people is this true and what sort amount should you look to eat ?



  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    But "normal" people eat far more than they need. You are probably have way above what you need, unless you avoid all processed food, and just eat freshly cooked food.

    I avoid as much extra salt as possible - as you get older, it is one of the major contributors (other than smoking) to Cardio Vascular issues - high blood pressure.

  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    If you need more salt in your diet your body will find a way of telling you from my experience, normally as cravings for salty food (which I don't normally like).
  • PC_67PC_67 Posts: 196
    Was gonna say exact same as Jibby. Your body will tell you when you need salt (or vitamin C or anything really).

    After a hot race last year I must have eaten a whole bowl of nachos at the recovery tent. At times last season I'd have to get up from the couch watching tv and eat half a stock cube or a couple of teaspoons of Bouillon powder from the larder my salt carving was so intense.

    I'm probably better hydrated and salt-satisfied this year and don't crave salt like I did on occasion last year, but if my body tells me to sprinkle more salt on my dinner I do it withouit any guilt.

    I notice that after exercise I actually get salt deposits on my face where my sweat has dried in the heat.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    As jack says mate don't worry too much about salt intake, most of the foods we eat are full of the stuff. Fatties who put salt onto there food are just begging for hypertension.

    Have a look at the food you eat, even if you eat well there is tonnes of salt in our food. sliced ham, cheese, any food that comes in a packet! They often add salt to preserve, and sugar to balance!

  • Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    Do you mean electrolytes? When we sweat, small amounts of the body's essential minerals (salts) are lost - hence why sweat is salty. Mostly, the lost minerals are replenished though eating a normal diet, but during endurance sports, it can be a good idea to replenish these to avoid cramps and dizziness, although I think you have to lose quite a bit for it to be a real problem. In hot weather and hard races though, you might want to consider a sports drink with electrolytes e.g. SIS GO or something similar.
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