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Transition Bags or Box

Just wondered if anyone has purchased a decent transition bag - I've been using a plastic box but a bit awkward to carry with the bike. I've only seen the Blue Seventy and the TYR but no reviews.

Next year I will be hoping to take the step up from the pool swim triathlons to open water so will need one that will be able to store the wetsuit as well as all the other stuff you have to carry.



  • I just use a normal sports hold all, nutrition and water bottles in the ends and everything else in the main compartment, then you can carry it over your shoulder.

    I see loads of people with the plastic boxes which look a good idea until you have to wheel/ride your bike back to the car.

    O yea keep a bin bag in there for your wet suit.

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
  • Just use a regular small/med size back pack and put your stuff in it - a "transition bag" is just a name that cranks the price up. I see people stuggling with boxes and just don't get why that's a good idea (perhaps someone can enlighten me). In any case you have your gear all laid out in transition anyway, so the bag is irrelevant. Good point made earlier though re having a plastic bag for wet wetsuit.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    The box can be quit handy when your transition space is very limited (and it almost always is). You can throw your stuff in the box, sparing yourself the search for it afterwards, or the loss of it!

    It's a bit tricky to bike with it though, so maybe you should tie it to your bag. Thats what I do to prevent a T-box collision :)
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
  • Plastic boxes are the way forward - however appreciate they can be awkward to carry, so with mine I've cut two slots in either end and threaded a ratchet strap through it so you can carry it over your shoulder a bit like a fishing box type thing. I've also sprayed the top of it day glo orange so when left by the side of the box you can easily see it as you tumble into transition. The other nice thing about the plastic box (providing it's the right height) is you can rest your bike against it by parking one of the bike pedals on top - saves you having to lie your bike down on the floor if you have to stop for anything - AND when you bung the wetsuit in the back of the car, it doesn't leak everywhere! 4 quid from Wilko - Bargain! [:)]
  • The other option is to look at the invention that I have come up with www.triathlonbox.co.uk – I’m currently working on getting to market.  I am doing a monthly blog which can be found at www.triathlonbox.co.uk/blog - This is an invention that I have come up with to try to solve the box / bag dilemma, I realise that it is a Marmite issue as I have been racing for years and have chatted to a significant amount of people along the way.

  • jhainsjhains Posts: 2

    I am no expert but huge piles of kit usually equals lack of confidence. On arrival your wetsuit running shoes and other kit (lube, talc, small towel (to mark your patch) gels, race number) are clean and dry. All fit in the same 30litre day sac. As I leave transition after a race my run shoes, wetsuit, etc can all go in the same bag. They all need liberally hosing off at home anyway. All apart from the wetsuit are liberally sprinkled with energy drink or plain simple sweat. Why pack a wetsuit in one section, run and bike shoes in another. Only to wash them both afterwards. Plus the need to wipe out the insides of multiple complicated sections of an overpriced bag? My recent experience is that people take too much into transition. Too many lay out enormous towels or large boxes and there simply isn't the room given the growing popularity of our sport. My advice is to spend your money on something else. Transition bags don't make you go faster

  • BMBM Posts: 1

    30L dry rucksack. Easy to carry and all dirty and wet kit can go back in for journey home, where you empty and give it a rinse out. Aberfeldy middle distance Tri at weekend gave out cracking Lomo rucksacks as entry gift. Great bags.

  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    Tri Bag Ban ???

    Interesting post on Tritalk Forum



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    just use a Tesco 'Bag for Life', or a waterproof, sealable canoe/boat bag for your wetsuit. Doesn't have to be a bag designed specifically for triathlon.

    the TriTalk thread is amusing and tritalk is getting more like Slowtwitch everyday, not really a thread about bags v boxes, but more of one about space being taken up in transition.

    holding my hand up.I admit that for OW triathlons I use a box, I don't lay out a towel the size of a small country (one of my pet hates ), and the box is kept under the bike so it doesn't take up any extra room at the racking.

    the waterproof wetsuit/boat,canoeing bag usually has a parachute buckle so you can clip it on the racking( subject to the ref not saying no ) which again doesn't clutter up the floor. 

  • collapsible/popup tub for wetsuit and a small double ended small sports bag.

    I find a box becomes a clutter, and a royal pain in the ***** when getting back to the car

    mine is a cheap one with the side compartments big enough to stash extra fluids and grub.

    skins do a running bag for about £30 but i'm not sure on the size. 

    As for the box bag debate well if it fits in your transition area neatly who really cares?

  • GaynorGaynor Posts: 8

    I have the Huub bag bought from 220 subscription. It's great and has all the pockets and a store at the bottom for wetsuit/towel/dryrobe 

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