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Goal pace?

dttridttri Posts: 11
As a newbie, I have done the usual thing (for me at least) of reading anything I can on the sport. Every training plan includes in some way or other building up to training at goal pace. Now I understand the whole zone thing, HR etc, but I have no idea what my goal/race pace will be. If I was training for a longer distance surely this could be considerably slower than the pace of many of the workouts eg speed drills. For example, what zones can I expect to do a sprint race in? Not really sure if this question actually makes sense....


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Perfect sense...but not easy to answer. A simple answer is to enter & complete a sprint, then you have specific real time data to analyse.

    Could you go faster on any of the disciplines? If so which & how much?

    Alternatively, guestimate from your training how long each element will take you & work out a time per length/per 100m/per km on bike/per km on the run & try to keep to it. Personally my swim takes care of itself (badly) but I know my target HR & speed on the bike, similarly on the run..then there is the 'voodoo' as 220 would have it of how you feel & how it is all going on the day. Hope this helps.
  • dttridttri Posts: 11
    Ah yes the old common sense approach, never catch on you know. Thanks for that, I suppose it's just give it a go and see what happens....[:o]
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