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Blokes and crop tops

Being new to triathlon I still getting used to the sights and sounds of the sport but one thing I just can't get my head around is crop tops on blokes.

Am I the only one that thinks they look ridiculous?


  • notmilknotmilk Posts: 35
    I thought looking ridiculous was the aim? [;)]
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Its not a fashion show its a race!

    I remember once at a major rowing regatta that a guy from an opposing club once laughed at a club mate of mine for his attire (long socks instead of leggings) that poor bastard paid the price when it came to the final.

    If you are into fashion and looks that much that you can shout/post about it then you must be very fast..... but then if you were so fast why would you worry about what someone is wearing? Loser!

  • You're right. Crop tops are a mistake for blokes. I started with a two piece tri-suit (so that I could save money on buying separate bike shorts) and ended up with a complete crop top and cringing every time I saw a race photo. Now have a one piece tri-suit which I'm much happier with (though I appreciate that it would look a bit odd anywhere other than a race). I'd still wear the 2 piece if it was a really hot race but otherwise I wouldn't bother. As long as you don't go for the half singlet and speedos option then your pride is still redeemable.
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    treefrog - I know you said it is not a fashion show, but hey you gotta look good, and two piece aint good honey lol.

    I didnt spend shoo loads of money on a carbon bike to make me go faster lol.

  • Not just me then. That's good.

    Looking at the nudity thread, I guess the whole crop top thing might just be a way of trying to get around not having a top on but is there a required minimum surface area covered?

    Would a mankini do? Is that sufficient coverage?
  • trispacetrispace Posts: 25
    I have to agree, 2 piece racing suits on blokes are just wrong. One of the chaps in our club wears them on the odd occasion for racing and he looks like he should be joining my daughter at her dance school…..and to make matters worse he’s a right hairy beast!!! Bad news!
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