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Training Assistance.

I would consider myself a man of average fitness(at 36), i have spent a large proportion of my life doing all sorts of sports.

However not alot since about 2000, a few months ago i decided to get myself sorted and start to train for a Triathlon.

I have a long term goal in that i want to train for triathlons in 2009, so have sort of created a long term fitness regime, i have entered a tri for september but this is mainly to gauge, what the whole process works like, transitions and what bits i need to work on during the winter months.

My training at the moment is consisting of 3 swims per week, 3 runs and 3 bike rides, plus some weights and squash( high intensity)

Now the bit that you PRO'S could help with, basiclly i am just riding the bike, swimming and running and timing myself doing it.

So i might do 5 mile one day on the bike, and 17 on the next scheduled bike day, then 5 again, the idea being that just time in the saddle will help with both fitness and the build up of certain muscles to help in this sport.

same as swim i just get in and swim, length after length,( i'm not a great swimmer at the mo).

I am doing on average 1 hours traiing per day and resting one day a week, but i love the bike so just get on and ride on sundays, becasue i enjoy it so much.

I am intending to keep doing this till september 1st, then re-adjust as nessasery.

Am i going about this the right way or am i missing something greatly.

I am also watching what i eat,and intend to lose about a stone.

Any help is much appreciated, sorry for long post.


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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Sounds good, he only thing that leaps out at me from reading iti s no mention of intensity, as in you need to do some race pace efforts, at all of the disciplines, but not necessarily in the same week. Swimming wise if you have the distance sorted then sharpen technique with drills, then at least you won't be so knackered when you get out of the water, even if (like me) you are not massively quicker. Running, do hill sessions & interval sessions, biking, sprint & hill efforts, so without complicating things (I hope), that should give a little more focus & purpose.
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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    Thanks mate, puts the mind to rest that i'm not wasting my time.

    I encorporate some quite steep hills on my rides, the therory being that if the actual course is flat i will have a good ride.

    Yes i know, interval training, putting it off though, running i have to admit i hate,but will get there i'm sure.

    Many thnaks once again.
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