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I understand the need for good nutrition whilst Training and both before and during a race.

I am curious to see what others eat the night before a race and what they would eat if anything the morning of a race.

If those that have completed races dont mind could you list both of these and the length of race you competed in.

many thanks


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    penguinpenguin Posts: 37
    firstly, let me say I am a gas gussler, so for my last race

    Evening meal Pasta with a "meat" sauce....at the pasta party...

    breakfast one nutella, one jam and one honey bread roll (smallish ones).

    It was olymipic distance race, so I had 750ml of water in one bottle and another bottle with 750 ml of water and 3 gels mixed in for the ride

    a few sips of water at the aid stations, mostly tipped over the head.

    after the race a few recovery beers....

    and i felt pretty good.

    hope it helps,

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Normal, at home the night before type race..Anormal meal, meat or fish, selection of veg & pudding mostly rhubarb based at the mo, breakfast will mostly be....needing no introduction, you know whats coming.....porridge. However if I get up late then its shreddies with dried fruit (fresh berries if in season), with a bucket of coffee & some juice.

    Post game I usually have a choccy milkshake (soya), & a fresh fruit salad, malt loaf & lotsa water. As its a sprint Water on the bike is all.

    Last race we were away so it was dinner at the local pub, starter & main..no pudding I am an athlete.
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    legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    I'd agree with the normal meal routine in the evening, I'd usually have pasta or fish/ chichen and loads of veg.

    I really struggle with early morning race starts as I can't eat before a race unless I have at least two to three hours before the start. I end up with a fruit juice and water mix with a pinch of salt on the course to keep me going - can't stand those energy gel things!

    I've only done sprint and olympic so far, nothing longer
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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278

    I did a 25 mile time trial last night and drank two bootles of fluid by 18 mile and was absolutly cream crackered.

    So thats one area i need to sort

    I too will be doing sprints.
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    tjenningstjennings Posts: 8
    I generally follow the time-honoured formula of plenty of carbs for the two days before the race, particularly pasta (lower GI, wholegrain pasta/brown rice where possible). Then on the morning of the race, I typically have a big bowl of porridge for slow-release energy and a banana for quick-release energy. During the race, I tend to sip an isotonic drink during the bike leg and carry a couple of energy gels just in case. Finally, a good balance of carbs and quality protein after the race, to aid recovery. I think there's a tendency to overcomplicate sports nutrition but this simple approach works for me.
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    Much same.healthy dinner then either the trusted porridge for brekkie or if the event/training is early i have a protein smoothie with banana.had a race recently with a 4pm start (sumthin to do with tides) and wasn't sure what to eat so had porridge in the morn then protein shake at lunchtime and some nutri-grain bars on the drive down-worked a treat!
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