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Highworth Tri

Any one doing it for sure.

Its now full but the list has not been updated.


  • Don't know yet. I entered on Monday (well, Tuesday will the bank holiday post). Hopefully all entries in before today will get added.

    It's their first event so I'm not sure whether to expect a great un-complicated affair or a total car crash.

    The bike-in route looks, erm, interesting.

    I take it the run is cross country too. Watch out for those golfballs!
  • Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    the bike route if fine mate very flat, no major hills

    The run is across the golf course, and the last 500 metres of each lap is up hill,

  • Got my confirmation today. If you still haven't found out; get in touch via the website and they'll get back to you.
  • LindsLinds Posts: 124
    I'm in!

    They have updated the website today, and the entrant list is here


    Not sure if I like the idea of running uphill.

    Has anyone got any idea on how the hills on the bike and runs compare with Bath Sprint ?

  • Well the bike route is almost flat completly, couple of minor hills,

    The run is not that bad, honest !!

    Its flat for the inital part then down hill then pretty flat again, the hill bit is probably only 500-600 metres at most.

  • anyone know if the swim is up hill?

    Ha ! - a nervous joke in advance of my first tri -see you at the start line and then in the bar afterwards!
  • Morning all.

    Cycled the route yesterday with Linds - as a newbie to bike and tri, the 'minor hills' were not so nicely undulating!!! - large parts of the course seem to run slight up hill! and the big hill that you fly down at the start is ready to pick you off as you go back up it in the last 1.5K....! Still, some strategicaly placed pubs at regular intervals around the track, along with enough country/stately homes to make you question the credit crunch!

  • LindsLinds Posts: 124
    Right well I am in the final wave at 1100 (lane 2 red cap) and Richie (who fancies himself as a comedien - but falls spectacularly short) in off at 0855.

    Good luck to everyone
  • HI, I hope you all enjoyed the race on Sunday, it seems all those prayers for good weather paid off.

    I think you guys that raced made it good for myself and the other organisers as we were nervous as hell that something would go wrong, and luckily on the day it didnt and everything went to plan.

    Anyway, we are planning on running it again next year and although we've had a lot of vey nice thank you mails which we're very pleased to recieve, I'd be really interested in getting some feedback on what poeple thought worked and didnt work, so we can try and build any changes into our plan for next year.

    Thanks again for everyone's stress free racing and great attitudes and especially not for asking any awkward questions that I might not've been able to answer when i was giving you all your race briefings by the pool side


  • Mate for me it was perfect, everything was made so easy.

    the registration was simple and effective

    the swim breif said it all

    All the routes were well marshalled, which left no room for error.

    If i am being hyper critical, the gap between swim times seemed long, but i'm sure there was a reason for it.

    I for one will most deffinatly make the trip next year, and will bring a few others with me,

    many thanks for a great day.

    p.s when are the results going up !!!

  • LindsLinds Posts: 124

    First off thanks for a fantastic day - that was my second tri and i loved it.

    The day was really well organised, everyone was really friendly, the marshalls really supportive and the layout of the event meant that it was really nice to be able to stand around and cheer people up to the finish line.

    Oh and it was a great boost to hear the marshalls cheering you on by name - a brilliant idea.

    I have also learnt that doing a tri with a heavy stinking cold and an injured knee (and therefore not training for 2 weeks) is not the best preparation and will knacker your bike and run times. But if you don't try you will never know.

    The only thing i think that would have been better was a split for T1, as it's always nice to see how long it takes me to hop around struggling to get my trainers on!

    And i did notice about 4 people who lost count on the swim and did at least an extra 1/2 a length and one person did 1 & 1/2! Their own fault really, but at my only other tri the swim marshalls tapped people on the head with a float when there are 2 lengths to go, which was really helpful.

    All in all and excellent day and I am looking forward to next years event.

    PS. Oh and I have just noticed it's my 100th post - nice to be positive on such an occasion!
  • Brilliant day. By far the best organised I've done this year. A big thank you to the organisers and all those who helped out.

    I think I left my nose clip with the growing collection at the bottom of the pool. Found out that sun cream and nose clips are not a good combination and it slipped off after the first length. [:(]

    The cycle was a sneaky one. I was expecting it to be reasonably flat after some of the other comments but I should have fitted a different cassette for some of those hills. Still, I was a nice route and it was nice to actually be able to make use of my hilly training course and manage to only get passed once with is a significant record in it's self.

    The run was an evil first lap with my right calf cramping up but once I'd got the measure of the lap length, pacing was pretty good. It was nice to be away from traffic and a bit of cross country was a refreshing change. Easy on the feet too.

    All in all a great day.

    If it's run next year, can we have the bike racking about two inches higher though? I couldn't get my bike out after the swim![:o]

  • "All the routes were well marshalled, which left no room for error."

    Err not quite [sm=rolleyes.gif]

    My 2nd Tri and really enjoyed it, very friendly and well organised. I found the run harder than I'd expected. Will defo be back next year if Greame & co can face doing it again.

  • ha your him are you.

    Right at the start of the race, the first guy back on his bike went running off into the wilds, only to not know where he was going, had to do an extra 400 metres or so.

    I can tell you mate i was watching you, wetting myself.
  • Ah I'm not the only one then [:)]

    No my slight faux pas was chasing down 2 fellas out for a sunday morning spin on their bikes and missing the left turn about half way through. I remember thinking at the time that the marshall was waving very enthusiastically.

    The penny dropped and I took the next left to get back on track. Only about 1.5k later. Nice.

    I suspect the 2 or 3 riders that I passed for a second time were a tad confussed. [:D]
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