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did anyone do the Virtruvian last year?

where were the feed/drink stations?

what did they have at them?




  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    The last couple of times I've raced they have used High 5

    The bike feed station is at the end of the first lap when you come back into Rutland water sports site before going out again on the 2nd lap.

    The run feed stations are outside T2 which is also the first lap turnaround point

    Drink and gels at the start of the dam.

    Drink and gels at the far turnaround point.

    The vitruvian is a fantastic event at a brilliant location I'm sure you will enjoy.

    Have a good race.
  • punkerpunker Posts: 6
    thanks for the info bathtub. I know the area really well as i grew up in Oakham.
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